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MLM Multilevel Marketing

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

It is very logical that if you manage to create a large organization of distributors or affiliates. have the possibility to achieve significant income in your MLM business. Now, the question is, how can we create a successful team working? We must understand that not all members of the business people will be willing to work at the same pace as us, it is therefore important than having more close to you a group of people with at least the same vision and willingness to work than you. This group of people is what John C. Maxwell called your “Inner Circle” Can we choose a profile of people in our inner circle, the answer is Yes. It is not easy, sometimes we go wrong, but I think it’s possible and here are some guidelines that we follow to find those people who identify as Maxwell says our potential as leaders.

Investigate its history .- We must begin to know a little about his past, they’ve done, they came from, that experience is. Check your personal interest .- A person who shows interest to you and what you do is a good prospect, but be careful, because many people can and will feign interest. Here is where experience on your part will be important to identify when a prospect shows interest in real or is only pretending. Look at the responses of your Prospectus .- The responses show a lot of personal philosophy of a prospectus, for example, if you tell your affiliate, that there is training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and your answer is “Is it necessary to come three days week?? “… it shows much of your thinking and you should be careful because it might not be a good prospect. Check and notes the reactions of your prospects to identify potential flaws in his personal philosophy. Check Results .- Of what is this all about results, so if your affiliate has a good track record, shows interest, has the right philosophy and also has results, ie Recruit & Sells, congratulations you have found a Diamond.

The Road

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

But this idea that money is bad, is not the only idea that we are programmed from childhood and can affect our economic situation. also makes us believe that money is very difficult to achieve and the best thing we can do is study for that in future we can find a secure job, with which we can keep ourselves and our family work hard to keep, if possible put up, and then retire and live on our pension. We are told that unless we move to college and get a degree, we have no leverage and will cost us even more to get a job. However, whatever our situation, a well-paid secure employment and should be our only option. What they never teach us is that there are more possibilities, and that skills base, employment, savings and investment, people can create assets that work for them, and in this way can increase your income growing as they increasingly work less, achieving financial freedom, getting more free time to spend with their loved ones and released entirely on economic concerns. But never taught this, there are many people living in a daily work routine does not enjoy at all, living a day, spending all they earn, even before spending money, and instead of savings grow, grow in debts.

Worst of all is that most do nothing to improve their situation, they resign themselves to be poor all their lives, they deprive themselves to try new things that break the traditional, criticize the rich and money, plan for their children with these misconceptions, and above, although it sounds contradictory, are the most commonly complain about the economic situation. It is clear that money can not buy happiness by itself, other factors are more important than money for happiness, but the reality is that money is essential to give us a good quality of life. Just tell me, Who would not want to achieve financial freedom and have money to travel around the world, or to pay others to do things we do not like to do, or to pay an expensive treatment for a disease, or for have more free time to spend with our loved ones? There are many things you can do with money and financial freedom, and that we can bring happiness. Many people, because of this bad relationship they have with money, right now be thinking that the above is very difficult to achieve, however, the reality is that today there are opportunities for everyone, businesses can be started from very low investment, and can grow through work, savings and investment, it all depends on the determination of each party to achieve their dreams. I know that the road to be traveled to achieve financial freedom is longer for some than for others, often for reasons beyond our control, but everything has a solution, and everything is possible, just have to change our mentality and take action. Therefore I invite you to reflect on these questions, What is money for you? What is your relationship with him?, Do you live well with what we earn? Do you think your life would improve if you had more money? … If you think your life can improve with more money, what are your goals to achieve? Are you doing anything to keep them?