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Financial Crisis And Restaurants Chelyabinsk

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The world crisis has hit all areas of the economy, did not pass by the restaurant business. Try to understand the trends of further development of restaurants in Chelyabinsk. Definitely we can say one thing that many restaurants in Chelyabinsk, luring their New Year’s proposals do not show high average ticket prices are per person. The question is, what to take for the average check? Consider the example of several restaurants in Chelyabinsk. One of glamorous restaurants – la rose dor offers its visitors in February 2008, duck leg confit with crispy crust, sauce Marchand de Van) at a price of 580 rubles per serving, Now the price has fallen as much to 550 rubles. In general, if you decide to save a bad – you direct road to the restaurant la rose dor, one duck leg will stop as much as 30 rubles. If you are going by a 4-person, and everyone ate to 2 feet, turns 240 rubles in the black. Enough yet to buy fresh duck in the market (in case you decide to cook yourself at Christmas). Restaurant “also took anti-crisis measures, if in the month of February gentle mousse” Silk Heart “cost in this institution of 150 rubles, at the moment the price remained the same, 150 rubles. What is the savings you ask? It’s very simple for 150 rubles in February 2008, you receive 155 grams of mousse, now get 200 grams sweetened life, however. Restaurant Chelyabinsk “Genatsvale” price cut is not going to do. Frankly, the prices in the restaurant were very democratic. in Mingrelian – 200 rubles per 500 grams in early 2008 satsivi “Traditional” – 200 rubles per 250 grams at the beginning 2008, prices have not changed as, in general, and the weight of the dish.

In London, Opened A Restaurant For Dogs

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Kitchen Lilies, maybe not the first restaurant in the world for dogs, but it is – certainly a novelty. Dogs go there to eat for free, rub their stomachs and can even listen to the story. What else could they ask? Kitchen Lilies, recently opened on the street Pimlico, in the vicinity of high society in London. Your four-legged friends go to sit at one of three tables, a restaurant and eat the food fed to the waiter, filed for free. Sounds too good, that would be true. This is just a good way for the dog food company to promote its line of organic products. For six weeks, Lily Kitchen is open, the dogs get a chance to be stars, while their owners are resting or are at work. Once they fill their bellies, dogs have a wide opportunity. They can rub their bellies to sleep on a comfortable couch, to see an experienced veterinarian, or even listen to the story. Some say it's silly, but there are a lot of London's dog owners who love the kitchen Lily. This gives them a chance to continue their daily business knowing that their dear friend is well cared for.

Restaurant Fashion: New Trends

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Perhaps every cafe or restaurant owner wants prosperity for his establishment. In our time, to succeed in this business can be achieved through automation of the restaurant. Agree that, at times, the owner restaurant business is simply no time to monitor their employees, the cooking process, accounting for all orders. He can not explode, so he come to the aid of special automation that serve as a vigilant overseer and monitor all the weaknesses of doing business. The biggest problem Automation System – to stop all kinds of abuse by staff schools, to establish accounting, increase the speed of the visitors, as well as improve quality. As usual, running automated restaurant? Chef or administrator schools scored in the menu system. Purchaser upon receipt of goods introduces overhead to the warehouse facilities debit products. Waiters, in turn, take orders from visitors to the restaurant, then enter the order into a common database using a terminal located in the hall service. Then at the special service printers are printing jobs for the production of certain orders for the cooks. A waiter, meanwhile, are not different orders to the kitchen, could easily be in the restaurant, serving new visitors, while the chef, received valuable guidance, begin to cook. The guests ate and asked to bring a check? A waiter in this case, you need only go and print the check where detail is painted custom. In cash made money? Then the waiter closes order and at this very moment from the warehouse is debt products according to the calculation cards. It turns out that at any given time the state of warehouses is assessed as relevant. Well, the owner remains the only institution to receive any reports on the work at any time – everything will be operational, relevant and very clear! Similarly, you can automate any retail store, super-and hypermarkets, pharmacy.