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Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

The definition of the positions will have to portray the organizacional drawing contemplated in a manual of positions and attributions with periodic updates. What it will have to be announced by the organization for the fulfilling of positions? – Good Mood; – Enthusiasm; – Spirit To serve and to learn – professional Experience; – Humildade; – Participation/Envolvement; – Personal Presentation; – Capacity and qualification. 1,3 Election of people Where elements will be based the election (in the contained necessities, in the description of position, others)? – Contained Necessities – Description of the position – professional Qualification What presentation of CV, interviews with responsible direct for the position being will be taken in consideration for the election (busy, other people; references supplied for old employers, etc)? Responsible interview, presentation CV with direct for the position being busy, other people; references supplied for old employers and professional qualification. 2. Application the application must be guided by the emphasis of the efficient performance of the people, in the contribution who carry through for the mission. As such, it must foresee changes throughout the time, of form that the organization can be in accordance with the requirements of its time.

The institution must be intent to the performance and effectiveness of the collaborators stops to carry through the mission of the institution. That principles the organization adopts to stimulate the effectiveness of performance of the people? – Wage Update; – Motivation through qualification; – Feedback; – Organization of the routine and overtime remunerated; – To implant politics of positions and wages. How will be given the internal allocation of the human resources in sight of adaptations of the organization to its environment of performance? Gradual – Management of talentos focada in the individual Pioneering – Management of talentos focada in the effectiveness Basic – Management of people focada in efficiency 2,1 Integration of people to the work Who will be responsible for the task of integration of new professionals the organization? – The managers As will be given this integration? Exists period of training? To integrate new collaborators, the leader can count on the internal communication and the department of RH.