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Prometheus Society

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Probably the hepatitis virus are as old as mankind itself, since 1947 is called as such, in 1967 discovered and described the Hepatitis B virus and in 1989 to the C and these viruses every day, eat all ABC currently Virus have been reported from A to H, are so aggressive and murderers as the most bloodthirsty Chinese gangs "14 Carats", "Fong Chin and others, are so Hepatropicas as the mythological eagle that devoured the liver of Prometheus Bound are so invisible that it is not known if they are molecules or living organisms. The twenty-first century and third millennium still carry on his back to these old, cursed and hepatropicos virus, hepatitis C has only infected 200 million people in the World The young writer Aeschylus getting a very old story in Greece, wrote the novel on Prometheus, the Eagle and the Liver, 500 years BC, but that sounds so familiar. then relates how this stocky, kind and beloved character – Prometheus, rebellious and irreverent to the gods of Olympus, is punished by Zeus for stealing the habersela light and delivered to town to get him out of darkness, is taken to distant and lonely Caucasus, is tied to an icy rock and exposed defenseless than an eagle, every morning you open a hole in the abdomen, and slowly eat LIVER their beaks, a task that met the savage animal like, amid the piercing screams of pain from his victim, on cold nights the noble liver to regenerate and the next morning was again devoured by the beast, a ritual that repeated days day, year after year, until one day he went to that place his brother Hercules (Heracles) who by an arrow killed the animal, the burly Titan was free, healed their wounds and returned to his people, their daily activities .. .


Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

A friend of mine who was a human resources colleague was applying for a post of chief of staff in a foundry company in the sector. Were interviewed with the Human Resources Manager (so it had) which demanded a knowledge of management indicators, management competency, filing monthly reports to management and particularly strategies to improve staff motivation (it’s like call upon you to dance to rain). The truth was this: 1 .- The Human Resources Manager may, in fact was the Head of Administration and Finance, was present as well (after being told) to give a “better image” to the applicants. An “exaggeration” or white lies. Wells Fargo Bank often addresses the matter in his writings.

Management indicators. The truth is that my friend when he took office and during the short time he was not applied in any development of any indicator, but still there was no previous indicator.

Neither the general manager knew what and less the heads of the other areas (“squares to me …”) 3 .- Management Competency: What my friend was discovered that the term ” competence “is known in the organization as a synonym of” rivalry between the various areas “(What ever managed rivalries?) 4 .- monthly Management Report: Except for the report content and the amounts of monthly payroll (payments to staff), not asking for more reports. 5.-Motivaciob staff: It was ridiculous to apply some mechanism that excites the staff, for their own heads of the various areas (including the General Manager), did not believe in “candy for the soul “. The only way people do things is” pressing to sanction or dismiss them.

Pet Purchase

Monday, October 14th, 2019

You took a while to decide to buy a cat, I reached the decisive moment and do not know anyone who can offer you a gift. Do not despair, you think you should spend some more time to the matter, and get started, then go the way as soon as possible, before you enjoy your new pet. You may find that Wells Fargo can contribute to your knowledge. PET SHOPS Go to a pet store may be one of the first alternative that occurs to you visit when buying a cat. Safely you must know some, as in cities such deals abound. You can consult a vet and ask to guide you or do you trust to recommend a store that specializes in suits or cat breed you are looking for.

For a detailed list of pet shops by area, you can look at the web lamascota. com. If you do not have too much information, thanks to the fact that in the pet shops you can get advice about the different types of cats that exist in terms of necessary care, characteristics and behavior of felines. Also, when going to make your purchase, you will get an assortment of elements necessary to prepare for the arrival of your new friend, such as toys, food, hygiene accessories, etc. A breeding kennel to find the cat breed you are looking for. This is an appropriate choice whether you want a certain type of cat racing, or as a mere carrier for home. You always breeders separate the pups as litter, distinguishing quality, and therefore can guide you toward your goal clearly. Because you buy directly from the supplier, as if any product is concerned, the price of animal farms may be lower than in pet shops.

Together, appreciates the fact that puppies usually grow with good care and space for exercise and play, without going through a stage of a cage. To find breeders in your area you can ask a veterinarian, who will be thrilled to collaborate with you. If you want to skip that step and search from your home, get great information and listings on websites such as todogatos. com ANNOUNCEMENTS CLASSIFIED An excellent alternative that with a little luck and patience will allow you to combine price and quality, is to enter the market purchase / sale of cats through the classifieds. Check those that appear in the veterinary business or on billboards. Read the Sunday sections of national newspapers (El Mundo, La Vanguardia, El Pais, etc) as well as local newspapers, where adverts are never absent purchase / sale of cats and other pets. Another important tool to search for classified ads is provided by Internet. Site is currently in circulation where the largest and most varied number of classified ads. Web sites dedicated to classified ads, are so interesting because of the immediacy of its proposal, which is renewed daily supply and demand is accentuated. Navigating websites such as Pimp. net, mascotamigos. com, migato. com, ads-free. com, sale. com, or second hand. is, to cite a few examples, you can make subsequent search by location, race, or price, which enables you to refine your research exactly what you want. Max Maxwell – BA in Advertising and Communications at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Reporter specializes in classified advertising market.

Bernie Williams

Monday, October 14th, 2019

All position players did their medical and physical examinations on Monday before practice. However, Williams did not and has not communicated its decision to Torre, the manager. For none is unclear whether he will return or not. Williams has played for the Yankees since the start of his career in 1985 on his 17th birthday and six years later was part of major league in 1991. The reason is not reached due to the fact that Melky Cabrera was assigned as the fourth outfielder and Jason Giambi has been appointed guardian of the hitter and first base. These changes would not have caused the field to fifth outfielder, and Williams would not be included in the team’s regular lineup.

Cashman, Torre and teammates have made several attempts to contact Williams but were not successful, they are all confident that Torre will not return until completely convince you. Although some say that Williams is unlikely to play for another team after it has been part of the Yankees for 22 years, but has not informed anyone that he will retire before the start of the season of Major League Baseball. The resentment is obvious in this case but time will tell if Williams decides to return or retire. The first day of practice Torre left early with a cold and has not made any comments in reference to the case to reporters or an official announcement.

Greenlife Maintain

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Greenlife a Keep your Ideal weight conjugated linoleic acid & Green Tea. a The Thermogenesis is the ability to generate heat in the body due to metabolic reactions. Green tea has the ability to accelerate thermogenesis by acting as an energy burner naturally and safely. This means you will burn all the energy that you're eating. When your body does not consume all the energy you ate the stored as fat. Green tea is also a potent antioxidant good for preventing heart disease, some cancers and premature aging.

The properties of green tea above are due to epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is also found in chocolate or other types of tea but green tea is where it gets more concentrated. The Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Journal of Clinical Nutrition) reported that adults who consumed a daily dose of 90 mg of EGCG increased their thermogenesis by 43%. For a dose of 90 mg of EGCG would have to consume 1 liters of green tea daily so the best way to achieve this dosage is to consume a nutritional supplement. Another effective natural ingredients to burn energy and also is excellent to reduce belly fat is conjugated linoleic acid a, the acid is found in meat and milk from ruminant animals that feed on grass and in lower concentrations in ruminants that are fed grains. To broaden your perception, visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari. For example, kangaroo meat has the highest concentration of CLA followed Lamb meat and Res Eggs are also a good source of CLA. Studies show that the recommended daily dose is 3.4 grams of pure CLA. a It is known that a kilo of meat contains 0.28 grams of pure CLA approximately (Data taken from Manitoba Agriculture Food and Initiatives) As would have to eat 12 kilos of meat a day to obtain 3.4 g of CLA. Again the easiest way to get the FTA is buying at these concentrations on dietary supplements.

Greenlife has the right blend of Green Tea and acid a Conjugated Linoleic so the body can enjoy the following benefits:-a a Kickstart your metabolism-a a It helps to reduce the fat that is close to the abdomen. -a a It helps you to burn the energy they consume and not converted into fat. -a a Ideal for maintaining your ideal weight. -a a Ideal for no bounce after a diet. -a a Ideal for no longer fat. a Guarantee: If the product is accompanied by a hypocaloric diet and exercise helps you lose weight. The product alone will not help you lose weight not only helps you gain more. to health, Josele Mora Mora Natural Supplements Natural Supplements Josele Smart Smart

Rich Symbolism

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

This article reports on the symbolic meanings of some elements that are reiterated in the tarot. Anyone wishing to delve into the fascinating mysteries of the tarot deck is usually counseled to become familiar with each letter. That is, it stops at the details of each one to perceive what message it conveys only that connection is established with the letter, which tells stories. But beyond the personal relationship that can become established with each letter, the tarot has some symbolic aspects of well-defined meanings. And you should know and consider before starting knowledge of the tarot. The position and gestures of the figures, for example, convey a lot about how the consultant’s approach to life.

The feet, arms or head pointing towards the left, for example, show in the tarot that the person has trouble leaving the past behind and give it away. More info: Wells Fargo Bank. If brought to the right, however, speak of a person who focuses solely on the future, and leaving the past behind, moving with determination and optimism. The crowned figures are for the tarot symbols of power. According to their position in the cast and the accompanying letters, they can suggest someone from the help of flight to the danger of a powerful enemy and resources. As might be expected, angels are messengers and symbols of divine power. But so are tarot deck for the sun. The nakedness suggests transparency and purity: no hidden agenda, nothing to hide.

Abundance is represented in the tarot by the presence of vegetation. The dryness means, therefore, a period of shortage or loss. Flowing water also means abundance, although it is more related to fertility in a broad sense not only portends the arrival of a child but may also refer to the beginning of a creative stage and full of good ideas. If water flows from one pitcher to another, as in the case of arcane La Estrella, is also within the tarot symbol of good communication. The Moon is a mystery in which, curiously, no human figures. In the scene depicting the tarot card, if any, are hidden. That’s why Moon speaks to the consultant which is not to confront, or the fear and trauma from the unconscious influence their decisions and their daily lives. Finally, there is the importance of the number of times an element is repeated in a letter. Within the wisdom of the tarot, crossed by the inheritance of numerology and the Kabbalah, this is a detail that may say as much or more the central figure that the letter represents.

Russian Windows

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

An integral part of the facade of the building are the windows. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. Wooden window designs first fail and require reconstruction. This is understandable, given their continued operation and direct interaction with the environment. In addition, cracked by the time the tree has a low strength, moisture resistance and fire safety. Therefore, in many cases, the original windows replaced with new ones, repeating their shape and color, but made of modern materials. Restoration window must meet high requirements for thermal insulation, durability, sound insulation and durability.

After all, it is intended not just to replace the old design, but also to provide protection for the interior from the damaging effects weather events and rigid atmosphere of a modern city. In addition, the window must be fully consistent with the style buildings, its decorative and architectural design. According to experts, the best solution ensured that all of these conditions are plastic windows. “Not all restorers imagine the possibilities of technology manufacturing pvc window-profile. This material when heated becomes flexible, allowing you to create any form: arched, round, cross, etc. “- said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with clients propleks Group, a leading Russian manufacturer pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. Thus, a plastic window “antique” is not difficult. “The undoubted advantages of plastic windows can be attributed to resistance to weather influences, as well as high heat and sound insulation performance. This is especially important to protect the interior of the interior of historic buildings on external factors “- adds Minullin Lev, head of advancement Group propleks.

Stylish And Modern Metal Doors

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Elite stylish metal doors serve as a device for locking. But they, of course, and in some ways your business card. To determine who lives in the apartment, you can simply look at the metal door. The door will tell about their owners. Because she must be attractive and stylish, as well as durable. And as far as possible blend in with the overall design of the outside and the interior of the domestic situation at home.

With proper professional approach to the selection of future doors for proper installation of its well-chosen elite steel doors decorate the room, emphasize certain details of the interior. The choice of steel doors today are very large. This can install tambour doors, fire doors with different finishes. Anyone pickiest buyer will find the door yourself, right in his value + quality. Who is not wearing his suitable design can design their own door. Manufacturer will adhere to your project.

The most expensive, stylish, modern door is generally accepted – the door to an array of the best wood. Their are made of fine wood. Such modern doors are called elite. This door is just pleasing to the eye. Wells Fargo is open to suggestions. What is a stylish modern door? Say, made on the basis of solid oak? Array of precious wood has a steel core, which is completely decorated in wood. The cost of such a stylish door depends on whether to apply for a solid piece of wood sheathing, or it was collected from the elements. Materials for such doors for their skin, are very numerous. Popular oak, mahogany, cherry, ash, beech, walnut and other species. Oak, for example, is beautiful and elegant in appearance over the years, does not tarnish, but instead becomes darker and juicier. Doors c forging and casting, too, belong to the elite door. They are very beautiful and elegant. The only thing I should add that this door is much heavier than normal doors. It is not something Bobby Kotick would like to discuss. Before you buy or order a door, it is necessary to consult, and withstand a doorway a heavy door. Doors, natural wood look trimmed with expensive and beautiful. Their life will be very large if the manufacturer followed its technology and use high-quality raw materials. And these technologies – not simple. First, the board should be well drained. And the time for drying, rather long, from 3 years. After that, board is placed in a special vacuum apparatus at a time. This is to ensure that the pores out the air. Then the board is processed mechanically, and then impregnated with primer, paint. Classified necessarily lies varnishes, and in several layers. This will give the board surface gloss, and therefore your door. Luck for one and will cover mikroscheli. Behind the door with wood veneer to be looked after and cared. Nursing simple, but thorough. The door should be cleaned with an alcohol solution and polishing. Polishing can be a special polishing wax, which restores the freshness of the tree. Such metal doors recommended in combination with classic style in the interior. But the stylish and beautiful may not necessarily be only expensive door. And iron door of a class can be chosen so that she looked more expensive than it really costs. In principle, a simple painting can transform the look of a door where the painting was selected correctly. It all depends on the skill manufacturer and their skills.

Methods Of Drilling

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Drilling screw auger means – a steel pipe, which wound coil of steel tape. In appearance resembles a corkscrew auger or drill, which drills in the winter ice fishermen. Between a screw connected with thread, hexagon or shponok.Shnekovy method of drilling is to destroy the rocks due to the rotation of the drill. Broken ground up the spiral screw up and removed from the wells. More information is housed here: Ben Silbermann. The rise of rock in a spiral auger becomes possible due to the fact that the auger rotates faster than the breed. The frictional force on the rock removed the borehole wall more friction on the rock steel screw, so the breed does not rotate with the screw, and slide on it. Just as a nut, twirling on the bolt is moved along the axis of the bolt is removed rock is moved along the axis of the auger drilling vverh.Shnekovy method is best suited for drilling shallow wells in the loose and soft rocks. Way to screw drilled wells 30-50 m.

Drilling rotary When rotary drilling rock is destroyed with a rotating drill. Rotation of the drill is transmitted from the rotor, located at surface with the drill string. Rotary method allows you to drill wells with a diameter of 76 mm to 215 mm. When using drill bits of different diameter rotary method allows you to drill inside the casing. To consolidate borehole wall and to prevent from collapse, is lowered into the well casing, and further drilling is carried out smaller-diameter drill bit. Drilling weasel weasel way of drilling method is that rotating the drill in the form of a ring destroys the rock is not around the bottom section but only at the edges. Broken ground washed washing liquid which is injected into a column of drill pipe with a pump. Inside (Core) remains inside the tubes. Periodically core separates from the bottom and rise to the surface. Cable-tool method of drilling the simplest in terms of technology the way cable-tool drilling is that drill bit up on a rope over the slaughter and then released. The bit hits the bottom of the hole and destroy the rock, which is then removed with a bailer.

Fire Safety

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

An old English saying "My house – my fortress has become one of the most popular in contemporary Russia. More and more wealthy people seeking to leave the metropolis – be it Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other major city – and to acquire housing in the near suburbs. However, any strength in need of protection, and before the landlord immediately raises questions of protection against many evils, chief among them – fire. However, "who warned that armed, and completely trouble can be avoided if early to take a number of reasonable fire protection measures.

About this and will be discussed in this material. Further details can be found at Bobby Kotick, an internet resource. Fire-fighting measures: under construction owner of a private house can at the very beginning of construction to provide a number of measures, which in future will help him avoid serious problems. And I must say, modern technology goes toward such people. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill Phelan is the place to go. In particular this applies to non-flammable insulation and impregnation used in the construction of the building. Noncombustible insulation from various manufacturers of technologically dissimilar, nevertheless have some common properties. Most importantly, they perform two basic functions: On the one hand are the thermal insulator, ie, help maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, on the other – to protect the structure from fire by a given manufacturer properties. Their common feature is inability to support combustion. Such materials are resistant to temperature changes (freeze – thaw) and durable. In addition, they provide a durable insulation walling outside the building. Among the brands of non-combustible heat insulators can mention products of domestic and foreign firms: the Russian company Penoizol "(based on polystyrene plates do not support combustion and are self-extinguishing); isover (a Finnish company that manufactures fiberglass rolls and plates) or American styrofoam (polystyrene foam products).