Selection processes are becoming ever more demanding and rigorous, where high competition is part of the task of getting employment. This makes that increasingly gains more importance having a resume not only attractive and eye-catching for the companies, but successful in terms of competences and key words for the interviewer, who then see people from human resources that you meet the profile of the position to which it applied. Including or not key words in your resume can be the difference between a close competition by unaoferta of work and is a way to make your resume more eye-catching. Learn some important words in the resume and analyze if these can serve to make your resume more attractive: 1. learning this word is very important in a resume, because it means that the aspiring a job offer is focused and has open mind to learn new things, is a person-centered and directed towards a goal. Also include in the characteristics of teaching or learning curriculum is a competition that can be viewed in different ways, because not only is the ability of a candidate to learn, but is the ability of an applicant to teach and contribute to a working group.

This is very important especially in a resume to aspire to a job for newly graduates students demonstrates the desire to learn and contribute. 2 Achievements or objetivosEstas two words are very important in a resume since it really is information which the employer seeks. Accomplishments and goals in previous jobs are the introduction of a contender against a job, where the performance of a worker can be verified through measurable or quantifiable results. People who focus on achievements, challenges and objectives, patois are viewed as people focused on reality and have knowledge of the context where they work, are ambitious and like to work on the basis of challenges and results.

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