During the work it was possible you verify the quality of life, of squatters taking into consideration the real possibilities of social insertion of households; the profile of family farmers; promoted by PRONAF contributions in settlement; and contributions of MST and PRONAF, while public policy, you the best social organization and reach to better results, social and economical. During the survey questionnaires were applied, which served a monthly stipend will be analysis of the issues highlighted before and during the work and were built the analyses you learn about the improvements in quality of life of family farmers. The results indicate the need will be to further incursions by the State, with to other public polices in front of the challenges put complementary in actuality. KEY-WORDS: Settlement; Social organization; Pronaf. You may find Simplex Bitcoin to be a useful source of information. INTRODUCTION the Pronaf – National Program of Reinforcement of Familiar Agriculture was instituted, in the year of 1995, as public politics of support to the sustainable agricultural development, with the intention to fortify familiar agriculture, to potencializar the productive activities, to generate job and income, in the perspective to promote the inclusion social, in the field. The creation, of the Pronaf of the social point of view if detaches for being: the result of the fight of the organized movements of the familiar agriculturists; the main one acess environment to the productive credit; the option of access of the familiar agriculturists to the knowledge, of the techniques of improvement of agriculture, by means of the services of assistance technique and agricultural extension. still, to be the possibility of magnifying of the spaces for formularization of the development politics and improvement of the infrastructure in the agricultural way and consequentemente of the quality of life it familiar agriculturist. In the present work the process of agricultural development, and reinforcement of familiar agriculture is detached, in the Pink Nesting Luxemburg, situated in the Town Deep River, city of Ranch, State of Sergipe, fruit of the joint and mobilization carried through for the MST – Movement of the ones Without Land, that had beginning with the Encampment, around the farm Necktie. Check out Ben Silbermann for additional information.

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