As Seduce Girls

CASANOVA already NO is of fashion don’t get me wrong, it is not that it is has gone out of fashion the art of seduction, but on the contrary, today more forcefully is present in almost all facets of life. But, can you imagine to Casanova today by applying the same tricks of seduction to seduce girls? because I can see it in a disco dress with those ancient robes, trying to woo a girl, inviting her to have a drink… and of course finishing drunk, without a hard after having subsidized the bebercio of the Lady, and by myself at home. Did I say this?. Simple, to seduce girls also they have changed the tricks of seduction, as well as clothing is not the same in one era that in other, the same is not seduce girls today, that it was years ago. This is one of the major mistakes that usually commit people, have not left the era of Casanova, and the ladies of today do not respond equally.

UPGRADE TO THE NEW VERSION insurance that many times you’ve gone out there, you see a beautiful woman, even seems a pretty smart girl, but. who does it on the side? have it just night with who?. with the typical cool preopotente how could be?. Simple, that overbearing pimp knows how to flirt, and is that it has three qualities that love women:-safety in itself, is the prize and not her. -At the beginning does not show much interest in its prey, even hesitate. This makes a girl wondering why is not working it as always, and arise the curiosity. -For him it is a simple game, it does not give much importance. If that doesn’t work there are more attempts.

These are the basic pillars to seduce girls. But it is also fair to make a warning, you should never reach the contempt, this also us This can cause an immediate rejection. Today you have a lot of sites where you can find more information, sometimes even tide. To me, personally, I was great with the page that I leave you the link at the end. It is audio and the main thing. A greeting, and I wish you good hunting. TETEDEAGUA original author and source of the article

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