Aurelio Baldor

However, the master could not be happy outside of Cuba. Wasn’t it in New York as a teacher, or in Miami where he lived his accompanied by Moraima retirement, his wife, who today is 89 years old and remembers her husband as the bravest man of all those who were born on the planet. Baldor never regained their fantastic one hundred kilos of weight and encorvo little by little as a monumental Palm that can not withstand the weight of heaven upon them. The exile learned him to green pineapple juice. My father died in the hope of return, assures her son Daniel. The author of Algebra de Baldor smoked his last cigarette on April 2, 1978. The next morning he closed his eyes, muttered the word Cuba last and fell asleep forever.

Pulmonary emphysema, said doctors, had finished with their health. But their seven children, fifteen grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren, always knew and know that to Aurelio Baldor, homesickness and exile killed him BECAUSE THIS TREATY COULD NOT BE COMPLETED? Because like all my works, the latter lacking sponsorship. Every work that I have written. Small, medium or large, they have been involved in my life, poverty and absolute misery. The foregoing shows the quality of our State, our educational system and the conception of humanism that our leaders handle. Every day thousands of talents are lost in our nation.

Since that like me, para crear to create should devote itself to poverty. Or to devote themselves to work. I believe that the work and study should walk hand in hand, make beautiful couple. However, reality shows that 93% of jobs in Colombia. They are from Sunday to Sunday, a day of rest every fifteen days. Working hours are 12,13 and 14 hours per day. This way people can not victory

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