Bay Village Mellieha

Independence was launched in 1947 as Malta self-government was granted. in 1974, Malta became a Republic and thus replaced the Queen as head of State. Malta of the European Union joined in 2004. 2008 the euro was introduced as the official means of payment. 1 Bugibba (St Pauls Bay) our day tour starts in Bugibba, one of the biggest tourist resorts on Malta. Bugibba holds much for tourists.

Many pubs, restaurants, bars and tourist resorts allow the average tourist to spend nice holidays. Bugibba Malta beaches of Malta is situated directly on St. Paul’s Bay. The St. Paul’s Bay was given this name, that the Apostle Paul to be stranded on his famous journey to Rome 2000 years ago in this Bay. Learn more about this report in the New Testament in the 28th chapter of acts.

A small minus is that you will find no great sand beach in Bugibba. Bath-hungry need to Bugibba on a new experience engage in: water access over flat rocks. Bugibba Malta beaches of Malta the entire city promenade you will find small coves where you get through secured with railings in the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean. 2. Bugibba > Mellieha (Mellieha Bay) 12 min / 8.5 km we leave Bugibba and drive direction of Mellieha. This drive does not necessarily require a car. Malta has a good and tight network of bus, which connects the villages. Mellieha the village Mellieha Malta is divided into two parts. On the mountain, over the wake the massive Church is located. Malta-Mellieha In the coastal area is one of the beautiful beaches of Malta. We recommend this beach just families as they find here a wide sandy beach and shallow water. In addition, you will find here many beach kiosks that offer reasonable prices dinner snacks, drinks and ice. Mellieha Bay Village Mellieha Malta holds with the one of the largest churches in Malta ready and beautiful views over Malta, the neighbouring island of Comino until going to the island of Gozo.

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