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Brief commentary of the book ethics of the professions of Augusto Hortal common project of the society of Jesus in Spain. Part of the collection. Ethics General the professionals. By: Editson Romero angle teaching center of U.G.C. ethics The text is part of a collection that drives. The society of Jesus in Spain within the framework of the project of ethics that cross ice the different professions of 86 universities run by this community and particularly in Spain at the University of Deusto (Bilbao and San Sebastian) Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid) Instituto Quimico de Sarria (Barcelona) ESADE Barcelona Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio from BEA ((Jaen) Faculty of Economics and agricultural business (Valladolid) CESTE (Center of higher studies, technical business, Santander) ICAI (Catholic Institute of Arts and industry) ICADE (Catholic Institute for Administration and management).) An interesting aspect is the identification of the elements of our Hispanic Heritage and catholicity environment concern for ethical reflection and actuate morality of professionals in the everyday life of their profession. Following this path in 1993 the Comillas Pontifical University organized a symposium on ethics of the professions, this involved teachers in the centres of ethics of the society of Jesus. Product of this event in 1996 emerged in ethics of the professions training course for teachers of the company in Spain, it emerged the purpose of publishing a few manuals for the different ethical professionals that are disseminated and published by desclee.

The Gran Colombia and its ethics Centre highlights the importance of the ethical evolution in the construction of professionals who serve with honesty, responsibility and solidarity from their profession, contributing to a more just society in the field of the social doctrine of the Church respecting the pluridimensionalidad of human beings without forgetting the importance of rationality. I find some identities of the objectives of the project of collection and some characteristic of the center of ethics U.G.C. The text aims at points where we can find some overlap within the project launched the strategy of the Centre for ethics of the U.G.C. look: form the basis for the teaching and learning of the subject of professional ethics, segmenting each volume one critical profession to contribute to the reflection on ethics training, at this point there is identity within the own strategies of the Centre for ethics of the U.G.C., the first point of the strategy to achieve the mission is; achieve the construction of an ethical human centric processes of reflection, research, and spirituality as the basis of the project of life and professional practice limited the text commented here ethics professional responsibility in a horizon of Justice leaving only corporate sense. This is another point of identity because the strategy poses to achieve the Mission of the professional practice of the gran Colombian geared to serving the community the text seeks to encourage the promotion of a society with more freedom and social justice.

The U.G.C. In this sense, the University seeks to a Colombia within a democratic framework, with social justice, oriented towards the common good and to legitimize what is public from a conception comprehensive seeking inclusive and solidary individuality. (PEI) The General ethics of the professions of Augusto Hortal text proposes boosting the capacity for reflection and assessment ethics identifies this purpose with the fact of that the U.G.C. Search for auto human fulfillment from the construction and the strengthening of the ethics of life original author and source of the article project

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