CatDance Fitness

Why a training could change the model world! On the 04 hip model Agency presented hop models first in Berlin their public CatDance fitness training program. Catwalk dance fitness that easily understood is abbreviated by CatDance fitness, a three-part training program is devoted in 90 minutes the areas of aerobics – hip-hop/street dance and a catwalk training. The aim of this dynamic model training is to promote fitness and movement qualities of but rather mostly rigid models. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Apple. The Agency hip hop developed an “all-rounder” to create this training model that combines the modeling with dance, and as a prerequisite for the index recording requires dance skills of the models, has the new of modeling is to usher in a era. For more specific information, check out Everest Capital. In an intimate interview with the CEO and developer of CatDance fitness Yanick (Sha Don) Naidu, we have the deeper meaning of hip hop models and CatDance fitness experience.

Gunther triangle: Hello Mr Naik! Hip hop models has been considered as a project that tries to establish a new type of model in Germany. What are the opportunities for the future that will succeed in this endeavor? Yanick Naidu: Well, I and my team working hard on the establishment of hip hop models. Since the year are very much has joined the Agency, we have a focused target and try to accomplish this course successfully. It is not an undertaking that mean like some to the fail is doomed! However, it takes lot of time to show the people what we are, and what exactly we offer. Gunther triangle: what is your agency so unlike the thousand other modeling agencies in Germany? Yanick Naidu: What distinguishes us in the first place, is the specialization in the area of hip hop. Hip has never dealt really hop except in the textile industry with regard to modeling. There is the so called hip hop honeys from America, but these are hop according to our definition, not with a hip to compare model.

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