On August 3, FACU-consumers in action made public a comparative study of prices between different car hire companies. The final report found that was the cheapest company to rent a car from among the 15 companies analyzed. The report unveiled up 735 percent price differences when renting the same vehicle, something so unheard of that different agencies EFE and Europa Press, or newspapers such as El Mundo, 20 minutes or ABC echoed the news. Such an impact had this revelation that Madrid regional television, Telemadrid, wanted to delve into the topic, and to illustrate its informative piece a reporter went to the headquarters have in Barajas to meet with the director of new channels and Expansion of, Alberto wars. During the interview, Alberto wars explained that in fact offer so cheap cars there is no trick. Pepecar tries to maintain a commitment with customers, he said, adding: there is no trick Neither ganga, is a continuous offering. We are trying to move the best prices. Mainly, what we want is to give a good service.

Wars commented prices that are not fixed, but vary depending on the cities, bases, and demand: our prices also vary depending on the season and demand. This year there are more available fleet, and why our prices may be better. New fleet which, he said, is an effort of investors along with the Globalia group. 551136186%2CVSRPtargetId%3A138008206%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Lev Leviev. The director of Expansion of unveiled vehicle types most demanded by customers are those of groups A, C, E, F, and N (small, compact cars, saloon cars, large cars and minivans, respectively). About the objective pursued with this ongoing offer from, wars explained which consists of loyalty to our clients while maintaining good prices and an optimal quality of service.

To complete the information, the reporter for Telemadrid He wanted to survey any customers there present, who at that time went to pick up your rental car, as the man we see in the photograph, a Swiss who was in Spain on vacation and who said having chosen to by its low price. If hire trip to price low, then it is useless to look for a car to 800 euros, the result is also search a car at low price, reasoned the Swiss tourist. In Favorites, will find the corresponding video to the Telenoticias from weekend of Telemadrid which inserts the part that advises of the price differences between rental companies and is illustrated with statements by in the PepecarTv Youtube Channel. You can find the news at minute 47: 40. Car hire original author and source of the article

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