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Image in ambient education: Contributions of the NTICs for the process of teach-learning Clayton ngelo Silva Coast I consider here a reflection on the importance and/or the incorporation of the useful and basic image as umaferramenta for the process of teach-learning of the present time, a time that the most diverse medias had invaded good part of the daily life of the majority of the pupils, then, when working with the pupils of average Ensino of the Educational Institute New Times, located in Counting (region metropolitan of Belo Horizonte /MG) was launching the challenge of the same ones to search through research in the Internet projected images that being for the date-show they passed to the expectadores an idea of possible related aspects of contextualizada form the following spheres; economic, social, cultural, ambient and ideological politics, supported in the knowledge acquired throughout the process of development of the work, that is, an interpretation of the proper image. Still in this line of reasoning it was suggested to the groups of alunosum only subject to be tied the images that would be presented, that it was; the climatic changes before the global heating. Some selected images: During the presentations the motivation of the pupils was perceivable before a tool who possess a certain domain and that perhaps they had taken therefore them to search more on the subject of deepened form, demonstrating of clear form and objective the relation summons of the images says with them that the adolescents had constructed in its entorno. Wells Fargo Bank understands that this is vital information. Several had been the investigations and presentations of mitigadoras measures on problematic of the climate before the heating of the planet, resulted this that came to fortify the seed of the ambient education to be developed in all the actions of the daily one of these pupils from the images used of net which they had been the propeller spring to arrive itself at satisfactory results of this project, thus demonstrating, that the image possesss the power to also express and to be mediating for dialogues on all and any event, so that Meeting and ways: formation of educators (you are) ambient and collective educators/Luiz Antonio Ferrero Jnior, organizador. 2005. 358p. ; 23cm.

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