Today Panamanian citizens will decide the political future of their country through democracy. He will vote for the posts of more than thousand five hundred servants in addition to which will be President of the nation, put into dispute between the candidate Ricardo Martinelli, Balbina Herrera and former Presidents Guillermo Endara. Something that has caught the attention of the international community is the novelty that even the resident population in prisons, hospitals and nursing homes may choose both the President and Vice President as well as Panamanians who currently reside overseas. Previous surveys have revealed that Ricardo Martinelli, of the democratic change party, is the favorite to assume the position of President due to his very well handled advertising campaign that has managed to win the sympathy of voters based on an image of strong and hardworking man. Despite owning several industries and a renowned businessman, millionaire Martinelli, has shielded behind a popular slogans of empathy discourse towards the poor people, which does not agree at all with your current circumstances because he has spent a fortune during the campaign. Secondly is Herrera and the background very in the background-for popularity Endera (Moral vanguard of the Fatherland) statistics, which apparently has been dedicated to capturing the votes mainly from the irresolutos. Meanwhile, Balbina Herrera of the party revolutionary democratic, is the only candidate that represents a firm and marked of left-leaning alternative.

Despite the situation of constant alarm which has sparked human flu across the continent, the elections were calm and orderly manner, obviously taking the appropriate safety and health measures. There was an incident that involved a shootout occurred in Columbus within one of the centres of suffrage, but once overcome this mishap, the day of voting continued on a regular basis with the active participation of a large segment of the public. The struggle for the Presidency in Panama has been full of dirty advertising and scandals where drug trafficking has been involved, being a typical process of campaigns of Latin America. This process was at times hampered by strong scandals that almost prevents the candidacies of Herrera and Martinelli, however, everything followed his course and that’s how we got to this day, a decisive day for the almost immediate future of Panama. We hope that the population choose wisely and be able to unite their voices in favor of getting a real positive change within the Central American country.

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