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Heat pump Forum during the 2009 ranks DENEX energy efficient action worldwide on key challenges. More and more customers of craft enterprises want to heat more efficiently and make use of renewable energy. Artisans can benefit from this trend, if you can advise the prospective qualified. Ben Silbermann may also support this cause. To do this, you must familiar with the technical details of the latest technologies, because there are a number of technologies available to gain energy in environmentally friendly ways. The use of new technologies to improve energy efficiency offers enormous potential.

So Klaus Jesse, the President of the German industry association Germany House, energy and environmental engineering (BDH) expects determined that the structure of the heating market further converts. In the year of 2008 have 45 per cent of investment cases in the heating market coupled renewable energy. This is a smooth doubling over 2005. Especially the heat pump market has grown in recent times constantly: so were heat pump according to the Bundesverband e.V. in 2008 over 60,000 Heat pumps sold. Thus the paragraph is one-third higher than in the previous year. For 2009 the Association anticipates heat pumps (BWP) the further growth. The specialist must be on the current state of the art, because it must be able to plan particularly energy-efficient solutions for its customers properly and to implement.

Therefore, it is increasingly important to educate themselves and to maintain an overview of the market for artisans. The DENEX, trade fair and Congress for decentralized energy systems and energy efficient building and renovation is gathering in Hesse for planners, craft (mechanical and electrical), manufacturers, service providers and large user communities as well as commercial and housing industry. For craft enterprises and is an important information platform about the latest technologies and developments in the energy sector, as well as their promotion to learn it will for the first time from the 02-03 July 2009 held in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden. In addition to the exhibition different conferences, including the Forum held Heat pump in the application”. The Forum is aimed at specialist craftsmen who want to educate themselves on the subject of heat pump and informs about technical details, legal and financial framework, as well as possibilities of further qualification. Case studies also give comprehensive insight into the practice. There will also be a planner and specialist craft day with free lectures on the second day of the fair. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the free lecture series at.

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