Unfortunately there are many abuses that are occurring in this sense, materialize in the so-called syndrome grandfather slave, or when both loaded lifeboat to our boat, he ends up sinking. Permanent fatigue, hypertension emotional and psychic discomfort are some of the symptoms. Each family situation is different and we can not generalize, but sometimes many older people are forced to raise their grandchildren, so that their children will have a more comfortable life. His role, however, should be much more enriching, both for them and for our children. They should just enjoy the mutual company and the relationship that is established between the two. And is that times are given situations that come to fall sick. The other side of the coin are grandparents who assume the role of parents, to be imposed before these and wanting to educate his grandchildren in the same way they did with their children.

In both cases it’s an abuse of power, of non-acceptance of the role that we play in the family. Very different is when that mixture of roles is voluntary and necessary for the child’s education. However, this negative side is best left to another article in the today I want to highlight both family and social work that our grandparents play. I’ve always thought that the relationship can be established between grandparents and grandchildren is special. Special to the extent that they are two sources of mutual affection, in that both are in the same social dimension, although apparently they distended so much by age difference. Both are outside the chain of production, that which makes us to exclude us almost unconsciously enjoyment that gives pleasure in small things. That world, however, is yours. The grandfather figure, not only a source of experience, but is a necessary link in the chain family. Grandchildren grandparents see the figure of an adult accomplice, of a person than that tell their secrets without you recrimine them their behavior, part tougher and less permissive of education is task of parents.

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