Improve Your Physical Reality

Where to go, today's consumer-oriented society is focused entirely on other tasks aims to achieve absolute values on the other But the amazing power of all the above techniques are that they do not have a lot less valuable side effects and secondary results, but for those of a contemporary the results are very valuable. We list only a few of these valuable secondary outcomes of technology "yoga high-energy": 1) The body becomes strong and flexible, leaving many of the diseases of the physical body, 2) Significant raising the consciousness of intellectual productivity and reducing mental fatigue, and 3) a noticeable drop in demand in the amount of food and at bedtime, and 4) Finding of high emotional stability and special, extended in time and space feeling of inner peace, (the link of the energy of emotions and stress) Less important distinguishing feature of my version of the physical practice of hatha yoga is determined that for the entire set of psychic-energy results from the mobilization of energy structure does not need to perform some kind of sophisticated and technically complex poses absolutely no need to have the flexibility circus actor, and a significant level of physical force. This technique is based on available well for the average man of simple poses – asanas. (Illyustr.3 – scheme of work postures) Due to the correct algorithm training on how "high-energy yoga" experience activation energy flows in the channels of power took a prominent extend beyond the physical body, filling a space force "cocoon" around the body, in this case clearly shows a deep shimmer from the field internal volumes of thin structures.

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