International Danger

The controversial dossier of more than 2,000 pages was voted on the eve of Christmas Eve, as if it were a matter of life or death for the nation. The trouble was due to theatrical vanity of Obama, who wants the law in effect before the one year of its mandate. That become the only President that manages to introduce a major change in the American political structure in such a short time. However their success is doubtful. The Senate applied roll, known in third world countries, where the ruling party abusing their majority, disdains the opposing opinion and approves motions to taste of the ruling party.

No Republican Senator voted to Please. That is not the way that things are done in United States. Proposals for such major seek the agreement of both mounts, filing edges. According to the Rasmussen polling, 55 per cent of the population is against the reform, 41 in favor. This negative difference will bring setbacks to Obama who descended to the level lower popularity in December, compared with any other President in the same period, with just 47 percent of approval according to Gallup. The issue does not end there. The European experience in what public health is concerned, points out that where medicine is socialized, the measure became irreversible.

Everyone enjoyed mediocre, and free medical service at the expense of huge taxes, and anyone who requires treatment of excellence travels to Europe to become a cure. He rang the Bell! The second round begins. Convinced that he did an excellent job, and boasting of its work, as we will hear in the speeches of the coming months.

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