Medical Certificates

The procedure for the closure of a medical certificate 095 / patient (who had already healthy) comes to the doctor. The physician makes the necessary entries in the outpatient map. The certificate shall record the fact that the numbers of such patients should start the course, signs, complete pass on the complete case and it signs. The patient goes to the desk sick and feeds back the following documents: passport, 095 / y, pass on the finished case. A nurse makes the data in the log 036 / y to close the previously issued certificate and only then to help stamp appears clinics and a triangular stamp clinic for sick leave.

The procedure described above are all, without exception, attached to the clinic patients, who issued a medical certificate 095 / y. Certainly in the public clinic is not so in strictly adhered to, but for each issued medspravkoy 095 / y is always worth a minimum of 2 officials: a doctor and a nurse working in a table sick. Because numbers of these references are assigned to a specific physician, to determine who and betrayed when this help, and who put her on the press, there is no difficulty. If the clinic refers a patient that is called from (not attached), the procedure is much more complicated. He, of course, not refused to help and will issue a medical certificate 095 / y, but then offer 2 options of observation (treatment) patient gets medical help for 3-4 days in the clinic, in which he drew, and then continue treatment at the clinic at the place permit (attachment).

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