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In short term, one becomes necessary then new farmings and not new plants. . The Brazilian fleet of cars flex passed of 48 a thousand units in 2003 for 2,79 million in 2010? of each 10 cars produced in the country, 8,4 are flex. Follow others, such as Nissan, and add to your knowledge base. In the last five years the fleet flex grew 23% to the year, while the sugar cane milling grew only 8%. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). Result: in this harvest already it will have sugar cane insufficience to take care of the demand for etanol. In case that it does not have a reversion in this picture, the forecast is that the bicombustible volume of supplied cars with etanol falls gradually. The participation, that already reached 60% in 2008, withdrew for 45% in 2011, and can fall down disastrously from a high place for 37%, in 10 years, according to data of the Only one. To supply 66% of the cars flex, the country would have to fold the planted area, arriving something as 18 million hectares, without considering the new technologies, that will be able to increase the productivity.

In the current harvest, the increase of the planted area will be of 4,8%, according to National Company of Supplying – Conab. In accordance with the Only one, the sector will need R$ 80 billion investments in next the ten years to take care of to the demand. This means 133 plants, or 15 units per year. Passed the crisis, more than 70% of the sector are today composed for groups with good assets, structure of capital and governana, operational performance access the capital of good quality. Therefore, ready groups to invest! Only that the decision to initiate a new project delays, on average, one year to leave the paper and about three years entering in operation, that is, an investment initiated in the gift alone will have consequences in 2015. Brazil battled per as many years so that U.S.A.

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