PTZ Dome Cameras Video

TK-C9510E supports the original exposure control algorithm Super LoLux , through which forms tsvetokorrektnoe portrayal in dark areas of the frame and in low light. Due to the dynamic range ExDR Plus (Extended Dynamic Range), video camera transmits detailed images of objects located in different parts of the scene illumination, and the function HLI (High Light Inverter) provides compensation for the oncoming flare. Another advantage of the TK-C9510E is a possibility selection of a suitable lens with CS mount type of a large number of models from different manufacturers. The process of setting the lens does not take much time, since this camcorder JVC supports auto focus Focus Adjustment Mode, when the lens iris is opened fully for 30 seconds. And focus adjustment is simplified by temporarily reducing the depth of field. For a detailed view of selected parts of the frame TK-C9510E can use a 2-fold digital zoom.

Easy setup parameters TK-C9510E can be performed directly installer at the installation site of the camcorder using DIP-switches and a built-in menu items. This novelty allows you to change speed electronic shutter, AGC, brightness, contrast, black level, etc. In addition, the camera supports WB zone (Area White Balance) to correctly pass the colors of all objects in the frame, through use auto white balance to its individual parts, as well as a function of 3-D Noise Reduction (3D Noise Reduction) with adjustable sensitivity, which eliminates the "noise" when shooting video in low light conditions. To kick-start camera settings at the site of TK-C9510E has a function of Scene Memory, which allows you to quickly select one of eight preset settings for the required conditions for videos: "Basic", "Night," "Transportation", "Fog", etc. And when you activate the last camera will transmit informative video, not only in the fog, but in the pouring rain, drizzle, etc. Switching between modes is possible via the RS-485 or alarm input.

It is worth Note that all these modes are programmable preset, so you can adjust the specifics of a particular object of observation. TK-C9510E will be an effective element in the security surveillance system at its operation, both indoors and in outdoor conditions (at retrofitting by housing of appropriate size and protection class). When choosing the installation site should bear in mind that this camcorder can be powered from AC / DC voltage of 24 V/12 V. In addition, in the 95-series is another model TK-C9511EG, which has the same technical characteristics as the TK-C9510E, but operates on an AC voltage 220 B. Both cameras have a level of energy consumption by about 20% lower than earlier cameras JVC and other manufacturers of comparable technical characteristics. New analog video camera "day / night JVC TK-C9510E has already gone on Russian market and its retail price is 27 910 rubles. including VAT. For more information on these and other camera brands JVC send your request to or refer to the official Russian dealers Equipment JVC Professional. Company JVC Professional is part of the Japanese concern JVC (Victor Company of Japan) – a recognized world leader in the manufacture of professional audio and video equipment, including CCTV equipment. On Russian market very popular analog video cameras, video recorders (DVR and NVR), PTZ Dome Cameras, LCD-monitors, a variety of IP-cameras and other equipment from JVC for analog and IP-based CCTV.

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