Cuba is cause of admiration and joy the recent news by the administration of Barack Obama where are allowed to the ista of Cuba travel and remittances. Many already were the years in which the Cubans did not enjoy this kind of rights. The development of good relations among many countries is a reality that is seen around the world, so the Cuban blockade sounded us something strange. We hope that soon the inhabitants of that country gozen of a greater amount of freedom to a full development, since it can contribute with many advances in different areas, such as medicine, with several contributions in vaccines or other pharmaceutical discoveries.We cannot allow that 21st century will continue to commit violations towards our freedoms as human beings, it would advocate for people suffering from outbursts in Cuba and fight for a world where borders are minimal. In this way, cultural growth would be greater and our primary task would be to promote a harmonious environment among all.

By other side, seems to be that the President of the United States is going through a path where you intend to meet the proposals he made during his political campaign, thing that should begin to make Mexican leaders, who only promise but we do not meet. Hopefully it continues struggling to achieve its mission in the manner in which he has been doing and not what happens to other political personalities, who have put their personal ambitions ahead of the good of society.

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