Stalin Business

People who received letters with the king and the differences were executed or exiled to Siberia. Who had – he had emigrated. Finished off the rest of Stalin, from 1937 till the 1953rd years. From this and come up with any denomination or even worse thing. Since the population and businesses, for so many years and make good money, accumulated a large amount of currency. It turns out the economic imbalance. Goods we do not entice (the latter a beggar at home – -machine and microwave), so what can take the latest currency? That's come up with a "crisis" – is when people are past the Bucks in the exchanger (ie, the central bank) bears. Thus, there came a phase of aggressive marketing communications, implementation of new projects and ideas. Those who understand it – develop the market and the spikes of capital, those who can not find new resources, promotion – are losing income, and because of this book, and a way out of economic imbalance. The only way out – it is necessary to implement innovative schemes marketing solutions. One solution may be the implementation of special projects. Special Projects in the Russian market – one of the key solutions for any business. In each business segment, there are no specialized resources that can help in times more revenue for your business. Usually, they are safely hidden and not everyone will notice them financially attractive. Who ever imagined that: 1. Mobile phone is not only a means of communication, but also a unique advertising platform for communications. 2. Vodka and beer, for example, where it is more convenient to implement is not in glass containers, and packages that reduces the cost of production of glass and contributes to the ease of transportation. 3. Hoover, seemingly designed for cleaning the premises. It is also used to collect dust from clothes and furniture. Therefore, brought to market mini vacuum cleaner. That extends the product range of the market and makes it possible, playing on the pricing of the product, to create effective sales and marketing. 4. Steamer. A unique product that prompted the company "Rowenta" and "Brown" on creation of a humidifier. Functionally, the product is identical – for couples during the double boiler and further moistens the atmosphere. 5. Remote control. Many will remember, they had to change channels without using the remote control. And laziness is really the engine of progress. Correct solution was to use the remote to turn off the light in the room and other benefits. Just in the design of the switch gets used diode. All this and much more – effective solutions at the level of specific projects that will increase revenue for your business. As well as special projects, internal atmosphere in the company directly affects the quality of employees and income of the organization. Many use the fascist crackdown as if "the benefit" of their business, believing that this will increase the quality of work and its volume. Absurd! Create a favorable atmosphere workflow implementation services to help effective communication channels that ensure optimal organization of the entire corporate structure. This is facilitated by: corporate culture and corporate Property conditions for self-employees ideal intra climate Corporate image and the image of the head of the program employee motivation Corporate publications: newspaper, magazine, development of Internet media forms, methods and tools to work with partners / customers of the company remember the truth: Qualified staff can raise, train, outbid. Most importantly – keep him!

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