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Miller Halloween

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

October 30, the eve of All Saints in the club grounds "ARMA" held an unprecedented event – the loudest Halloween pre-party in Moscow. On the eve of the Internet appeared mysterious Action-movie, the plot is well-known TV presenter Marika kidnapped and buried alive in a golden coffin, at the end of movie viewers invited to go to the page, in order to help the girl escape from the terrible bondage. In For five days, users have searched otgadki and perform special tasks for the salvation of Marica. The first 150, most observational guessed coordinates of the coffin, were invited to the celebration of the Miller Halloween. For those guests parties who did not attend to buy a suit, in the club "ARMA" was organized by the Sunday Up Market, design market, where under one roof you can buy produce little-known brands, creative people, buy clothes young fashion designers. On the night of Halloween in Moscow the most notorious dandies show the wonders of ingenuity to stand out from the already vibrant crowd.

Particularly difficult task falls on the fragile shoulders of the girls, because a suit must a smart, sexy, stylish and, of course, fit into the theme of Helloween. An example of such successful combination serves the stars! And here, perhaps, out of competition known TV Marika appeared in the form "buried alive" in running the day before All Saints' video on the web. PayNet Inc. oftentimes addresses this issue. (Link to video hosting) is not afraid to this eerie yet managed to line Marika be on top of the style, giving the odds once also visit Similarly Mind Thurman. Such "buried alive" we have not seen … Sparkling Gold classic short dress length.

Open back. And the sweetest part toilet – golden wings. On the image of the party guests to work high-quality make-up artists who helped complete the image, changing beyond recognition with the theme of make-up. The general atmosphere of the evening guests at the event has set up a wave of one of the most interesting festivals in year – Halloween. Miller Halloween – a vivid emotion, adrenaline and atmosphere of this holiday. This party will be remembered for years, as everyone present became part of this history. It's Halloween! It's Miller Time!

Handmade Goods

Monday, February 24th, 2020

Nothing is more natural and inherent in human nature than handmade. The name implies that the product is made by hands, without standard blanks, shapes and patterns. For a man with his own hands the first products were mark the transition from ape-like life to human life. That's manual labor was the beginning of creativity and progress. And absolutely no matter what is the basic material for the product. The main part of the soul remains, that put a man in his creation. Why handmade products are so popular around the world, and so sought after? Probably the most important reason is totally unique thing, which is made. (As opposed to Hyundai). And even if the manufacturer decided to repeat his idea, it definitely will not be identical.

No companies, factories, studios where millions of copies on the machines are manufactured the same product. One just a reminder that every thing is made only in one copy makes it extremely valuable. The very process of manufacturing the same significance. In order to create what would require imagination, a desire to make something interesting, while the embodiment of ideas in the life and manual work. If you donated handmade, therefore, people thought about you. Just put yourself in the process of making the gift.

The gift was meant for you. Gift, as it were associated with you is your reflection in the consciousness of the manufacturer. It is not Chinese souvenir, not a standard card with wishes, and produced a real gem for you. If you decide to do something personally, the most important thing is desire. Do not be afraid to use any of the materials. Combine various techniques with available funds. It is a hand-held products you should give the freedom of imagination and creativity. What is more surprising is the combination of materials, method of feeding your creativity the more appreciated done. In practical psychology there is a special section – art therapy. Under this understanding a positive impact on the human psyche during the creative process. And for most people who have taken such training, outlook on life and issues vary greatly. Because of this, the man takes the whole creative potential. Receives from it a great pleasure and gives joy to friends, acquaintances. Therefore, handmade extremely positive impact. It brings pleasure and joy to the manufacturer receives a gift made by hands product.

Christmas Tale

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

In December 2010, saw the light of the third book Thais Zolotkovskoy, author of “Porcelain” and “Marmur” – the first books illustrated with tear-off, dispersed in large numbers in Russia and Ukraine. “The Book of Love for all ages” – so talks about his new creation, the novel “Miss Duck” author – well-known blogger klemba. The main character, though she Thais decided to write a novel, a book about love and heart afflictions, while facing the challenges inherent in any creator. The book is very atmospheric, full of intrigue, mystery, mask, during the reading you want to inhale the aroma of cinnamon or chocolate, I want to surround yourself with warmth. Not without its romantic line – to readers with the author will have to untangle a love triangle. Thais Zolotkovskaya debuted with his first book, “Porcelain” just a year ago and has managed to buy a numerous and loyal fans. wN8Eaww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard, offer their opinions as well. Still, it’s not just sensual collection of short stories, and cards that you can extract from the book.

Especially popular are the first two books in postkrosserov, people, sending out postcards to strangers and acquaintances all over the world, loving giving warmth in the same way as Thais Zolotkovskaya. Very nice review of the books, as recognized by the Thais, she heard from her mother eight years of a girl who said her daughter always reads “Porcelain” and “Marmur”, carries them in their journey. Readers often ask Thais, whether autobiographical of her works. “I often veils the feelings and sensations. And though they look like a statement of personal experience, it is mostly fantasy “- says author. Illustrated the “Miss Duck” is already familiar from previous books, the artist Barbara Kurakina novel contains 32 color images that complement the wonderful prose. It will be a wonderful Christmas present to those people who keep the internal heat, and faith in love. The book can be through e-commerce, Web site, blog or LJ personally Thais Zolotkovskoy in Kharkov.

Albrecht Durer

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Durer was born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, the son of a goldsmith, who arrived in this German city of Hungary in the mid XV century. In this family, there were 18 children, of whom the future great artist was the third child and second son. His father, Albereht Durer the elder, was a goldsmith. At first his father tried to inspire his son jewelry business, but then realized that her son artistic talent at the age of 15 years, Albert was sent to study at a workshop leader Nuremberg painter Michael Wohlgemuth at the time. There Durer learned not only painting, but engraving on wood and copper. Education in 1490 to complete the journey by tradition – for four years, the young man traveled to several cities in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, while continuing to improve in the visual arts and material processing. In 1494, Durer returned to Nuremberg, shortly after which he married. He then in the same year, takes a trip to Italy, where he met with the works of Mantegna, Polayolo, Lorenzo di Credi, and other masters.

In 1495 Durer returns to his hometown and for the next ten years creating a significant part of his engravings, have now become famous. In 1505 Durer went back to Italy. In 1520, the artist takes a trip to the Netherlands, where he became the victim of an unknown disease, then it muchivshey until his death. Durer died on April 6, 1528 at home in Nuremberg. Durer was the first in Europe, the magic square, shown in his engraving "Melancholia" (see Albrecht Durer's square). In the work of Durer created dignified and courageous, a truly humanistic image of man complex era. "Self Portrait" (1500. Alte Pinakothek.

Munich) holds a special place not only in German but also in all European art, reflecting the depth and the inconsistency of the creative consciousness, which stood on the verge of two eras. Depicting themselves in a strictly frontal pose, Durer used a compositional scheme, which medieval artists used for the image of Christ. For him, it had special meaning: a person, according to the author, should remind Saviour only in appearance but also in a figurative sense, the top – ready to take on and carry the "cross" conferred upon him in this life. Not haughty pride, but deep religious consciousness comes through in this "adjustment" with a Christ: his peerless artistic gift Durer (almost reached the threshold of the thirtieth) perceives as God's grace and their response to the duty of the Creator, gave him great ability to "create peace" again – brush and chisel. In this self-portrait the artist tried to connect the old system of proportions with the new Renaissance doctrine of the proportions of the human body. In an effort to overcome the conventions of old art, Durer was the first German artists mastered the best artistic achievements of Renaissance Italy. Like Leonardo, he embodies the characteristic of the Renaissance artist-scientist type, combining the rational, scientific knowledge the real world with its deep philosophical reflection and transformative, dynamic and passionate imagination of the artist. Due to the fact that Durer died before the formal registration of Protestant denominations, it is difficult to say accurately, that he became an adept of the Reformation, however, his engravings of the period – namely, several variants of the "Last Supper" clearly shows his keen interest in the ideas advocated by Luther, namely, communion for the laity, not only bread, but wine.