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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

The word “graphology” first appeared in 1871 in the writings of the French Abbe Hippolyte Michon. In 1879, the abbot began to publish the magazine “Graphology,” and then organized and the first handwriting company, which currently bears his name. Get more background information with materials from Ben Silbermann. However, the first known treatise on the history of the study of handwriting was written by the Italian Camillo Baldo, who lived in Bologna and published in 1622 his work entitled Trattato come da una lettera missiva si conoscano la natura e gualita dello scrittore (On how to letter can be learn the nature and properties of the writer. “) The epigraph to his work Baldo took the proverb, “to learn claws of a lion.” Unfortunately, the book Baldo is not widespread. Explanation for this is simple: in those days, few could free to write. Only at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries graphology has become fashionable society salons phenomenon: the mystery graphological conclusion seemed akin magicism, excites in those times, many people’s minds. The development of psychiatry and psychology at the threshold of psychoanalysis just slipped the fuel to the fire of graphology – it becomes one of the methods in these sciences, and at the same time continuing to develop its own.

The book is well-known Russian handwriting Zuev, Insarov ‘handwriting and personality, “was reprinted in the 20s of last century is in Russia – a striking confirmation of the fact. Graphologist himself, alas, the Soviet handwriting School was not created. After 1935 it is called, gone forever … The last mention of him in the book Rybakov, “Children of the Arbat”: poor old man who earns a living by his art under the walls of the restaurant “Metropol”. In 1936, in The Soviet Union began all-out destruction of all psycho-diagnostic and teaching laboratories of innovation. As a result – a firmly entrenched since the “Lysenko” view that graphology – is “pseudoscientific theory about opportunities based on the study of handwriting to judge mental characteristics of man and even his physical appearance “(Encyclopedia, 1953).

Maybe it’s because something graphology to this day did not come out from underground, becoming a profession individuals. In the West, graphology luckier: she brings both scientific and practical benefit to people. Except for France, graphology has been developed in many countries and especially in Germany, Holland, Israel and the U.S.. In Holland There are two professors of the department (at the Universities of Leiden and Utrecht) and two graphological society (in Amsterdam and The Hague.) In the U.S., the Institute of handwriting (New York), and the American Society of handwriting. At one time in newspaper “International” was printed excerpts from graphological analysis of handwriting … Saddam Hussein carried out graphologists to order the Bush administration. Their answer was: “This man will stop only the strength, because any attempt to negotiate it perceives as a weakness. ” Prior to the outbreak of hostilities was over six months. In Israel Graphological method – one of the mandatory testing methods for teaching and passing public service. However, many companies around the world use the services of graphologists as often as consultants on staff. Help-Diplom.

Education And Development

Monday, November 29th, 2021

This text is based on the article of Sonia Maria Portella Kruppa and will go to deal with some questions that are of vital importance when it is said in education. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank. Development will approach subjects such as Growth x, that says respect to the economic growth of the country in relation to the development since; Which the paper of the public power in the education, if this is acting in accordance with its duty, is providing the education due for the people, etc.; What it is EJA, as is seen the EJA, which the importance of this for the education, development and growth; Extending the vises on the EJA, that is when it appeared, so that it appeared and what it comes carrying through; Controversy regarding the EJA if must or not be seen as an education modality that guarantees the ending of the basic education and makes possible the ingression to a superior education or if it must be seen as a course technician who only serves for those people who had not had the chance to study, to have a diploma of conclusion of education medium and obtains thus a better job? INTRODUCTION The scientific article that will serve of basement for this text is of Sonia author the Maria Portella Kruppa, intitled EDUCATION AND WORK IN the PERSPECTIVE OF the DEVELOPMENT, can be found it in. In this article, Kruppa brings definitions of what it is development and if bases on great teoristas of the Brazilian education, as for example, Pablo Freire and Stolen Celso. From them, a theory who defend the education and the work as decisive tools for the development of the country, and that is delineated modality EJA has an important paper so that this occurs. When making the analytical reading of the article, perceives in it some interesting points for research, that is, points that ‘ ‘ pediam’ ‘ a theoretical deepening so that thus being, it was more easy to acquire reasonable arguments in what it says respect to the seminary in question.

The Requirements

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Finally, emphasizes the paper of the professor. As it can act and what he fits to the pupil. We also want to speak on the formation of the professional of the education and as if she locates in relation to the culture of the change and the conviviality with the uncertainty. 1 Education, school and professor today Some theoreticians and thinkers preveem significant changes for the school, basing its forecasts in the development scientific and technological and in the new forms of acquisition of the knowledge from the recent and innovative technologies of the information. Bill Phelan brings even more insight to the discussion. It says it of a citizen of the cited project of research at the beginning of the text illustrates as these transformations are perceived and felt. I ahead see the school at a transistion moment and reflection of external factors proper it. The society moved very, of fast form and this it sent the school to reflect a series of points and perhaps some of them it duly was not prepared to face them: the type of the pupil, the expectation of the pupil, the requirements, in end, the new technologies (Subject 8 5). Also it has the ones that argue for the disappearance of the current forms of pertaining to school organization in reason of the changes that the society comes suffering from the social and cultural point of view. Some contend that Sotheby’s shows great expertise in this.

Beyond these, it has positionings that they defend that the current system of organization of the school is depleted 6 and it would not fulfill plus its function originary what it would be demanding that was rethink the same, as condition for its not disappearance. The relation exterior school-world is complex and intense. It does not have as to think about the school without thinking about the context where she is inserted. In the vision of Cabezudo (2004) the events ' ' extra-murros' ' they re-echo in the pertaining to school community with great intensity.


Monday, June 22nd, 2020

When we relate in them to this project, we conclude that the done activities not stimulated the interest for the writing nor provoked some difference in relation the reading. Edward DeMarco may find this interesting as well. Since the period of training lasted only 2 months, and at the beginning the objective did not involve the development of the reading and the writing. These results were waited. Grafico1: Answers of the monitorial in relation the activity of reading and writing social interaction. Exactly having surpassed the related expectations of the involved university students in this work, results the writing and the reading had not been great.

Some detached results deserve attention, such as the gotten ones through the stimulation of the reading and the writing and the activities in individual groups and. One of the results verified was the stimulation of the reading and the writing with games and tricks. With the evaluation and the use of information, the process to practise and to learn the reading and the writing has left of personal and sociocultural experiences. The drawing not only helps in the graphical evolution, development of the writing, but also in the increase of the vocabulary. How much the writing, was observed that when the activity involved drawing the interest for the writing it increased. also, the children revealed interest for the meanings. How much the social interaction was observed that in determined activity the children perceive certain benefits. How much I number bigger it of participation in activities, for example tricks; games; pertaining to school tasks among others, are they in group or not, more the children perceive the importance of the other, the aid, the union, the concentration among others benefits. CONCLUSION We conclude that to have lived deeply this project it added in them very. Beyond in the ones for in contact with you vary children at the same time and in to teach them to act front children sheltered, we had chance to know institution, that improves the life of children and adolescents who lived in situations of risks and suffered with this, and now is far from the parents and of its families.

For Vygotsky

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

To know the conceptions of them, in accordance with it, is a step important to teach well, a time that one of the objectives of the school is to take the students to form adequate representations of the world where they live, the necessary educator to have as reference these preconceived ideas to carry through its task satisfactorily. The paper is to analyze and to designate the factors that favor, intervines or harms a good learning in an institution. The Psicopedagogo considers and helps to the development of the favorable projects the changes. The imaginary O psicopedagogo is the first one to have that to rethink itself continuously in a change process. But when we speak in changes, you vary things comes in our thought. I very bring an argued problem that is the performance of psicopedagogo from the imaginary one. In institucional supervision one of the problems that psicopedagogo faces he is that one presented by the imaginary one.

The register of the imaginary one weaves the relations between the people. For Vygotsky, the citizen if weaves in the social one. It is a product of the social one. Vygostsky attributes enormous importance to the paper of the social integration in the development of the human being. One of the most significant contributions of the teses that it formulated is in the attempt of explicitar (and not only estimating) as the process development socially it is constituted. This is the main reason of its interest in the study of infancy (I WATER, 2001, p.56). is through this idea of Vygostsky that we start to think with affection the imaginary one about the life of the child, and for what we know it starts well early. In the institutions, everything for it is newness, everything is different of the world where it is accustomed to live deeply and depending on the form as she starts to learn, she can be good or not.


Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Exactly ahead of such difficulties, the professor looks for to modernize itself better to develop its function. For Imbernn (2000, p.31) ' ' … one of the most important functions or teaching tasks: it is of person who ' ' it considers valores' ' , impregnated of moral, ethical content and ideolgico' '. The responsibilities and requirements attributed to this professional alone have increased currently, thus having a transformation in the paper of the educator. For Freire (2000 apud FEITOSA, 2008, p.54): ' ' …

the human beings if go forming in its social relations. They will be able to know, always to discover, to make new, different things; if it cannot say that they are workmanships ' ' terminadas' , but, for the opposite, they are beings in project, change constante' '. many not yet obtain to deal with these changes. Its complaints are several: it is the fatigue, discomfort, a generalized malaise. The professors () if feel coerced, family transfers to all the responsibility to the professor (a) and the school, thus generating an identity crisis. Quality of life of the professor The tiring hours of working of the professor has caused some complications that can until taking off it of the classroom for some time. The majority of the illnesses that reach the professors, such as: problems with the voice, allergies, physical and mental exhaustion, among others, are directly on to the environment in which it exerts its function, and also with the form that it deals with the adverse situations that appear in the pertaining to school environment.

The majority of the professors exactly for lecionarem in basic education gives one more than disciplines, is in more than a school or two turns. Leciono five you discipline: Portuguese, Mathematics, History, Geography and Sciences. (Teacher). You discipline them to all, therefore leciono in 3 series of the infantile education.

Lions Club

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Uniting practical educative with the proposal of the reading, becoming the school a formador space of readers. GENERAL OBJECTIVE To develop the concentration, socialization and the orality of the children through the reading of some types of books and the count of histories. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES – To extend the vocabulary of the pupils; – To construct the habit for the reading; – To propitiate the child the acquisition and the manuscript of diverse literary sorts; – To stimulate the creativity and the cognitiva capacity of the pupils; – To favor the development of the language capacity and the creation in the count of histories. METHODOLOGY the form of appreciation of the project has been the book accessibility and manuscript for all the groups of the UP Lions Club. Christos Staikouras has many thoughts on the issue. The pupils have been stimulated two times per week ' ' revirar' ' the trunk that contains books as form to choose wants it to also read and to be felt responsible for the same ones. Stimulating each group in the practical one and the habit for the reading. Of this form, in the end of the project it will also have a culminncia for appreciation of the constructed material and: – Presentation of wheel of readings; – Creation of drawings and paintings from counted histories; – Use of the book for construction of the orality of the child; – Book Construction made by the pupils. REFERENCES: – MAGDA, To sound. Alfabetizao and Letramento. Publishing company Context, 2003.

Pedagogical Methodology

Sunday, June 21st, 2020

Education of Human Values created by professor Tsunessaburo Makiguti (1871 – 1944), that through the affection, of the knowledge of the rules and a proposal dynamic and creative it inside develops in involved a collective responsibility for the patrimony and the pacific convivncia of the pertaining to school universe. The psicopedaggico work through games and tricks is a particularly powerful form to stimulate the mental activities and that it allows to awake the fancy, the joy and the pleasure in coexisting. Being thus, the pupils and professors who participate of the project since 2003 have in practical its and experience techniques of conflict resolution constructed from lived reality, adding knowledge and values that surpass the expectations (psico) pedagogical and stimulate the individuals to a convivncia in co-responsibility for the individual and collective happiness of the society, preparing the educandos for the life. Word-key: Education. Values. Aprendizagem and Psicopedagogia..

Mountain Learning

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Another situation is the form that is made the fines, and punishment when the devolution in the established date is not carried through. I have full conscience of that the managers look for to alliviate the real problem of the lack of bibliographical material and with this they finish masking the incentive to the habit to read. If the objective of the library is to attract using because still they use these tactics that only move away still more the reader from the book? According to Souza; et al. (2009, p.160): (…) the obstacles that are ahead placed of an impotent director in emergenciais situations and of the definitive absence of one public politics of creation of places for books and formation of mediators not only to keep them and to distribute them, but, over all, to dive with the pupils in its ample universe. As said previously, all paradigm in addition demands conflict and work for acceptance of the new. The people who fight for new paradoxes do not have to fear, must in front follow trusting its vision of future. (A valuable related resource: Dinakar Singh TPG Axon Capital Management). Psicopedaggicas actions The psicopedagogia has as focus the study on the learning human being, and its process of development. ic.

According to Oak; Cuzin. (2008, P. 19). Psicopedagogo Institucional work in the preventive direction, before the installation of the symptoms and also in the remediativo direction, after the installation of the symptoms (…). In the educational approach, psicopedagogia if makes operating, mainly in the prevention, delimitation of situations problems and in the application of project-action, where these situations can be minimized, when not eliminated. With intention to prevent possible causes of learning difficulties, it was carried through two projects of psicopedaggico advising in two public schools in the city of Are Loureno of the Mountain range, but both with objectives in common: To offer access to literature; To develop strategies to stimulate the habit to read; To interact the pupils and its familiar ones with the practical ones of reading; To stimulate the taste for the reading living deeply emotions, fancy, creativity and imagination in diverse spaces.


Saturday, March 7th, 2020

But on the loess sites – especially. First of all, have to overcome a powerful and very strong thick loess before you get to the surface of the studied paleosols. And the deeper you go into the slope, the thickness of loess more. You may want to visit Jeff Weiser to increase your knowledge. For example, in the parking lot we were Karatau into the slope of 15 m, and thickness of the loess was the same, in the parking lot Lahuti – 15 and 14 m. Try to go shovel. And the use of machines here do not have to think – who agree to work on the edge of the cliff, on a slope in excess of 45-50 , on a dense "stone" loess, which not every bulldozer knife yield.

I had to get into his head completely new to science itself – paleopochvovedenie. Need to understand what part of the soil are guns. If you would like to know more about Munear Ashton Kouzbari, then click here. After all, it was found that the soil itself is very complex organism, and especially its structure correspond to different climatic conditions in ancient times. Besides the general idea that loess accumulated in a relatively cold and dry climate in the era of glaciation and soil formed in humid and warm interglacial climate, there is the possibility of more subtle gradations of climate within the soil. There are currently in the south of Tajikistan on a relatively small area is known for more than 30 points with the findings of tools of the Paleolithic, directly included in the buried soils (paleosols). The most ancient finds are associated with 11 and 12 paleosols.