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ERFURT Marko Sellenriek

Monday, March 4th, 2019

The use of LED bulbs reduces not only CO2 emissions, but also the energy savings of up to 90 percent. The EU incandescent ban since 1 Sep 2009. It regulates the gradual replacement of conventional light bulb. First of all no frosted lamps and no light bulbs with more than 75 watts in the trade may be placed. The sale of remaining stock is still possible for the dealer. In four further stages should then all light bulbs will be banned until 2012 and the consumer completely on alternatives have increased to. Consumers are confused what now is a good alternative. Environmentalists warn that energy-saving lamps are a danger to health and the environment. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ares Management’s David Kaplan and gain more knowledge..

The proportion of mercury in CFLs is legally limited to 5 mg, cheap imports from China have been identified up to 12 mg. Is an energy-saving lamp to the floor and shatters, spread the toxic fumes and the neurotoxin mercury is stored with insufficient ventilation in the body. Health problems are then pre-programmed. For jobs, energy-saving lamps are also unsuitable because the electro-smog, a distance must be maintained at least 1.5 m. Another disadvantage of energy-saving lamps is that not in the household waste can be disposed of them in the hazardous waste must be.

Many traders don’t even take back defective bulbs. LED bulbs are a genuine alternative, they deliver the same brightness as conventional incandescent lamps, consume but more than one-tenth of the energy. The service life of incandescent lamps amounted to 1000 hours, convincing energy-saving lamp with up to 40000 hours 8000 hours and the LED lights and the so far with a power consumption depending on the run from 1 to 5 watts. Above all LED bulbs contain no harmful mercury and are easier to recycle. You need no warm-up period and reach their brightness instantly. LED bulbs are extremely robust, have a low energy consumption and little heat. You can save so much not only cost, but they are a milestone in the preservation of our environment. LED bulbs have no UV/IR radiation and do not bleach materials. The company LED bulbs ERFURT offers a variety of LED light sources for the household and for companies. Or ball lamp, candle lamp, pin lamp, recessed spot light bar, there are LED bulbs for almost any version and almost every field of application. A comparison, a light bulb, 60W, spent so far only about 5 W are with LED light sources. In a life of 40000 hours, this is a real win for the consumer and the environment. LED ILLUMINANT ERFURT offers to the consumer also product demonstrations, to show the possibilities for the use of LED light sources. Website: Led bulb you can using a savings calculator calculate the consumption of incandescent and energy saving light bulb compared to LED lamps and order the appropriate LED light sources.

Internet Day

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

SAFER COMP – the optimal Neutralizator for wireless LAN, Wi-Fi radiation short WLAN (wireless local area network) called wireless local area networks, which serve mainly the Internet access and data transmission for stationary computers and portable notebooks. As soon as you insert your new Wi-Fi base station into the socket, spark this 24 hours a day continuously, no matter whether to transfer data or whether the radio function at all is needed. The logical consequence of the manufacturers is to unite cordless phones and Wi-Fi router as standard in a Wi-Fi phone, which now functions unconsciously, day in and day out for us. Check out Michellene Davis for additional information. This is the Wi-Fi radio radiation would make harmful for the organism, as you would have us believe. Therefore you should abandon better as possible within your own four walls any application of this modern wireless technology. Because Wi-Fi radios the pulsed high-frequency carrier wave (2.4 / 5 GHz) with a low-frequency clock of 10 hard – in and cut-out operations per second. This Pulsung with a 10 Hz frequency is located exactly in the Area of the biological spectrum of living systems. Contact information is here: Michael O’Brien. Interference can be expected particularly with the brain waves and also the Pulsung of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) vibrates exactly in terms of vibration of the technically selected low-frequency pulsing.

The walls reduces the range of Wi-Fi wireless networks, it is however still at least 30 meters in buildings. This means that the Wi-Fi radio network of the neighbors especially for sensitive people in rented flats can be a permanent source of interference. Outdoors, the range of these radio applications increased to 300 yards. New technical offerings evoke more wishes for the luxury in the own dream home. So you can wake up with his favorite music radio links programmed wirelessly and magically also the subdued light in the bathroom turns on by itself.

Z-Wave / Zensys Inc.

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Trend-setting home control and energy saving Conference offers valuable Insider know-how from business and politics Copenhagen, September 02, 2008 high demand, low resources, high prices affecting the energy issue making their presence felt increasingly at the end user. The Z-Wave Alliance in cooperation with the Danish electricity saving trust (DEST) the first European home control and energy saving (HCES) Conference in Copenhagen held in advance of the COP15 Conference. Perhaps check out Payoneer for more information. Presentations and discussion rounds, in addition to leading Danish politicians like Connie Hedegaard, top speakers from global industry brands such as Nokia, Danfoss etc. discuss the opportunities and advantages of wireless home automation on the topic of climate change is framed. HCES Conference enjoys rain great popularity by industry, the two-day Conference addressed policy and leading organizations decision makers in the electronics market, energy companies, representatives from politics, OEM, manufacturer, Installer-channel and the retail sector of the European home control segment.

Z-Wave and DEST take the challenge of energy saving\”to Denmark’s Minister for climate and energy, Connie Hedegaard, explains what role takes up energy-saving wireless technology from a government perspective. In this context, the DEST and the Z-Wave Alliance represent their strategy as they actively tackle environmental issues with the help of home control solutions based on the Z-Wave technology. Goran Wilke, Chairman of the DEST, deals with the possibilities that arise through the use of wireless technology in the home. Home control solutions to control energy consumption already make small and what is very important is transparent\”, explains Wilke. So consumers have the opportunity to get personally involved and to achieve drastic energy savings in their homes.\” Lew Brown, Vice President of marketing at Zensys, talks about the benefits that brings the Z-Wave ecosystem for the global eco-system. Andrew Deeming, engineering and operation Director of Horstmann control UK, explains which Way with the help of home control solutions drastic savings in energy consumption are possible. ROAR Seeger, CEO of trousers, gives valuable insights from the perspective of a power operator, which green in combination with Z-Wave-based tools\”offered by energy.

XXL Solar

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Larger, Matt, nice Arnstadt, 07.06.2013. With a width of up to 230 centimetres and a height of 360 cm up to the ATF black line XXL – is module is one of the largest photovoltaic modules, which is currently available in the market. It is designed especially for use in large facades. By the use of pyramid glass lamination, intelligent Zellverstringung and through the innovative production process to a high-quality and safe double glass will… The deep black, silky matte finish has a modern and aesthetic effect. The special surface structure is poor reflex and prevents so reflections and glare without sacrificing performance. Ideally suited the Antec ATF Black Line modules are especially where solar active facades without annoying reflections and mirrors should be used as such as high-rise buildings, aircraft hangars, corporate buildings and noise protection walls.

With the new thin-film module Black Line XXL we expand our commitment in the growth market of BIPV”, confirms Norbert correct sizes, the right cuts and quantities required. Also, we supply also the corresponding blind modules in any desired cut. Optional we support our customers in the planning and installation of solar facades”. The ATF Black Line modules are now in standard sizes and of course as ATF Black Line XXL module available and the Antec solar can be ordered. Pictures and more information about the company under the Antec solar GmbH in the press portal available. We exhibit: Intersolar Europe 2013 in Munich 19-21.06.2013 Hall A3 booth 335 we look forward to your visit. About Antec solar: the Antec solar GmbH has been producing thin-film photovoltaic modules with the label made in Germany.

With the concept of solar manufacturing customised photovoltaic manufactured modules for solar active facade surfaces. The modular building-block principle allows architects, builders and property developers the choice of thin-film photovoltaic modules from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. As Leader in innovation for thin-film photovoltaics covers Antec solar with its PV module variants from all requirements of modern architecture and the BIPV. In the business area, solar plant services, installed and is waiting for the experienced Antec solar staff facilities.

Germany House

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Heat pump Forum during the 2009 ranks DENEX energy efficient action worldwide on key challenges. More and more customers of craft enterprises want to heat more efficiently and make use of renewable energy. Artisans can benefit from this trend, if you can advise the prospective qualified. Ben Silbermann may also support this cause. To do this, you must familiar with the technical details of the latest technologies, because there are a number of technologies available to gain energy in environmentally friendly ways. The use of new technologies to improve energy efficiency offers enormous potential.

So Klaus Jesse, the President of the German industry association Germany House, energy and environmental engineering (BDH) expects determined that the structure of the heating market further converts. In the year of 2008 have 45 per cent of investment cases in the heating market coupled renewable energy. This is a smooth doubling over 2005. Especially the heat pump market has grown in recent times constantly: so were heat pump according to the Bundesverband e.V. in 2008 over 60,000 Heat pumps sold. Thus the paragraph is one-third higher than in the previous year. For 2009 the Association anticipates heat pumps (BWP) the further growth. The specialist must be on the current state of the art, because it must be able to plan particularly energy-efficient solutions for its customers properly and to implement.

Therefore, it is increasingly important to educate themselves and to maintain an overview of the market for artisans. The DENEX, trade fair and Congress for decentralized energy systems and energy efficient building and renovation is gathering in Hesse for planners, craft (mechanical and electrical), manufacturers, service providers and large user communities as well as commercial and housing industry. For craft enterprises and is an important information platform about the latest technologies and developments in the energy sector, as well as their promotion to learn it will for the first time from the 02-03 July 2009 held in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden. In addition to the exhibition different conferences, including the Forum held Heat pump in the application”. The Forum is aimed at specialist craftsmen who want to educate themselves on the subject of heat pump and informs about technical details, legal and financial framework, as well as possibilities of further qualification. Case studies also give comprehensive insight into the practice. There will also be a planner and specialist craft day with free lectures on the second day of the fair. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the free lecture series at.