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MLM Business

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

And, as time goes by, new employees will be seeing an organization that has been settling slowly with years of effort and which tree straightening its trunk, on the basis of the vicissitudes that time will giving him, will strengthen. On the other hand, a business of multilevel which in its 99% is made by people who believe that money is made easy, and to the extent that the followers tend to be idle, the absence of a mystic by the company and the products that they sell, not to receive the expected monetary benefits, most branches of the tree will fall, and only the first win (which financial pyramid). MLM gurus are nothing more than messengers of idleness and the easy work, even pretend to say WINS while you’re sleeping or things so. Time and experience gives us the reason and we are witnessing hundreds of letters and emails that we send cursing have been stuck in a MLM business and losing money. In my 26 years of professional experience in productive areas and my eternal curiosity about topics of computer science, I have analyzed and participated (I tried to many times the business of multilevel) to see where was the central heart that would say that it is good business and recommend it but, after a long time with many testimonies of enterprising people like me, hundreds of testimonies of disappointment of the MLMI would not recommend them in any way and instead recommend entrepreneurs that produce whatever or give services of whatever.

Do homeland!. The best advantage that have transnationals with respect to the world market is mostly industrial SMEs fear to not knowing how to compete. In 11 years (since 1999) that has my forming enterprise of SMEs industrial (Ceateci) for the sale of its e-books of technical courses production have been exceptional witness of more entrepreneurs 1250 have managed to do your SME, produce, give work to relatives and friends and to be now entrepreneurs independent and not humble himself to slavery times and paltry salaries that transnationals with its exploitative mood since time immemorial have made always exploited workers bend over the head and support the humiliations. Entrepreneurs of the world to form their industrial SMEs.

Strategic Alliances Between Entrepreneurs

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

A personal emprendimiento is the fruit of desire or project canalized through our person. If we are thinking about a emprendimiento to share, is necessary to reevaluar the objective and to think that is the appropriate person or people to the joint work. From the applied Graphology the techniques of the self-knowledge and compatibility of characters adjust perfectly to this reality. Self-knowledge: The self-knowledge allows us to deepen on the own personality and, consequently, on the definition of the emprendimiento like canalization of our positive characteristics, of our talents in order that they take to the self-realization and autosatisfaccin. What happens when there are missing aspects, capacities that we do not have, knowledge outside our specialization that arise to make reality the chosen emprendimiento? We need to explore a part of our puzzle or that piece is indeed something other people’s? Against the question the thought is born to share the project with another person, professional, etc. Soon it appears necessity to know with who we are going to really work, that is a person able to take the part ahead that we wished, that she is a person who guides to us according to our necessity, that is a person who adapts and our initiative we thought about forming a strategic alliance.

How to find the indicated person? Compatibility of characters: We include/understand that to form a strategic alliance we needed points of similarity and complementariness, as bases. The objective is to study to the people, being observed the complementary characteristics of personality and (studies, virtues, etc.) that take to canalize the emprendimiento, business, project, etc. Also the points will be seen that they disqualify, to establish the amount and weight of the same against the concretion of plans. The description of the compatibility of personalities is channeled in the dimensions emotional and affective. intellectual and volitive. active and social dimension.

temperamental and communicational. incompatibilidades according to character characteristics. The compatibility of characters can take to the success of the project, knowing that the puzzle is united every day in the communion of the aptitudes and capacities between the people who compose the common project. Original author and source of the article