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Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Are you ready to go to eternity? Fernando Alexis Jimenez Miro clock. Just five in the morning. Hear from experts in the field like Wells Fargo Bank for a more varied view. Not even beginning to long. It was the beginning of the year and the Sun woke late among the mountains, sleepy and lazy. Another day., Carlos complained and gave half a turn in bed, trying unsuccessfully to cancel sleep. He failed in his attempt, and gave up. This week it seems endless, he murmured against the mirror in the bathroom while passing it hand over his face, by calculating the growth of beard.

It concluded that the best would be to shave. He had started several sheets of calendar. Life turned into a cork by turning on the periphery of a swirl in stormy waters. He believed that he had no sense living. Everything was just as monotonous.

It was not difference between a cheerful and Carnivalesque Sunday, and a rainy Monday when he had to go to work. Days long, overshadowed, color lead – do come back early from the? I work?, asked his mother when the boy was about to exit. I don’t know, MOM. Perhaps take an ice cream with Marcela; but I don’t think that we demoremos because I get up early. Tomorrow we have technical Committee in the company, and as he is the Manager, we reach point-. Vest was adjusted, placed the helmet and goggles, and went without major ceremony, rushed for time. Unlike other occasions, the motorcycle went on without much effort. The boy quickly headed towards the viaduct. I wanted to get soon the factory plans were truncated when a truck that was overtaking another vehicle, closed you the passage. The dry impact against the windshield was the last thing could remember when in the middle of a shouting and hardworking comments is very serious; There is no time to lose, in desperate moments when they entered it quickly the operating room.

United States

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

As it is known, the price of a barrel of oil in the futures market, is decreasing significantly, which, given the level of external debt, is indicative of the high exposure to insolvency that the Venezuelan economy would have over time that lasts the global financial crisis. For example, for the second quarter of 2008 the relationship reservations international/foreign debt to long term is 0.84 (34.335 thousand of dollars/40.872 thousand of dollars). I.e. for every dollar of debt in the long term there are 84 cents in international reserves, which gives account of the bad situation of solvency that has the Venezuelan economy in the long term. An ideal situation for solvency would be that for every dollar of debt, is available in two dollar reserves. This would imply having reserves of twice the long-term external debt, (81.744 billion dollars). Or, conversely, have half of the international reserves, in debt (17.167,5 billion dollars).

The pockets of Venezuelans would be affected in terms of a very possible budget cuts in the the State’s functional expenditure for the year 2009. Let us remember that the 2009 budget is calculated on the basis of $60 barrel. Up where we can anticipate, 130,000 barrels a day production cut does not contain long price drop over 60 dollars. In addition, significant cuts in spending on security and defence, education, health, housing, infrastructure, among others, is what would be expected for the year 2009. Mariana Larez for its part pointed out, that Venezuelans must be alerts with the reduction in revenue that might come. We must understand that we don’t live in a parallel world and it seems naive to think that what happens in the United States will not influence our economy. Due to our status as monoproductor country where the economy depends on exports of oil, we will be undoubtedly affected. Estimates of specialists, predicted that with the reduction in demand expected by the crisis, the average export price level will decrease to fifty dollars per barrel.If estimates by specialists are approaching reality and bearing in mind that Venezuela has a very high level of imports, it is reasonable to think that the situation who lives the world will affect us by very shielded us.


Monday, July 1st, 2013

As thou hast made us know we were the reason for your life, we arrived at the home to fill with joy, initially with the weeping of the newborn: jojoticas, fragile, fragrant to the purity of the skin tender, being the admiration of friends and strangers for enormous similar between those two small beings, whose movements were possible for those little bodies to unite as a magnet to your iron and became a whole peace that emanated, peace of mind and aroused the greatest tenderness that human being any had experienced. We were growing up with two brothers, under your protection, accompanying you in your games crazy weekend, celebrating each thing that we did, teaching us, making us part of your experiences. You were there at the first communion, in every act of the College, where you presenciaste the marriage of an Ant (personified by one of us) with her Prince charming, you felt proud! We talked of your past: which inter alia you surf in offshore, we were saying that each fish had his name and his charm, than that sea that housed many species was food supplier, is auto flushing and a sailor was part of his life that passed between that world that gave him multiple opportunities and inevitable nostalgia by loved ones who were on the Mainland.For strategic reasons of your work we had separate since ibas in search of the daily sustenance as you yourself said – but this distancing barely noticed it because I took care of pamper us, make you feel from a distance. Way that this particular situation was of great strength to unite those ties of worship, was a golden opportunity for we knew that we had with you no matter how far you will find.Arrival stage of the professional studies always enrumbaste us on the path of learning, the pursuit of perfection, of professionalization that became proud of you experienced: that your two shoots were professionals who valieran if same, without economic dependence of Nobody and delivering the most whether for own and collective well-being.

King Solomon

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

What if our interlocutor, who may well be our partner or one of the children, shows aggressiveness in what he says? Firstly, keep calm. It may not sound easy but who keeps serenity only manages to control and manage conflict situations. Also we must take care not to elevate the tone of voice and express ourselves in a volume that is conciliatory to ears of the interlocutor, as King Solomon recommends: the polite answer soothes anger, but the aggressive check another equally important add fuel to the fire (Proverbs 15: 1, new international Version) this made: do not capitalize on the mistakes of others. There are who take advantage of any error to remove the ACE under the sleeve and put on the fore failures past partner. Doing so reveals what is in our heart, and makes clear that we have no real love for the neighbor, nor an attitude of forgiveness. It is an imperative that we dismiss the anger, resentment, bitterness, resentment and desire for revenge. We also failed to recognize we are not infallible.

We also failed. We should recognize that. We missed in one way or another. And product of such misdeeds, causing injury to loved ones with what we say. On this basis, it is necessary to recognize when we have committed errors and implement corrective actions to not repeat the same behavior. Is likely that with our words We have caused deep wounds. As well, onwards, and as if they were checking that turn and from which we take care so that there is not a waste, you must commit to measuring the extent of each word. Be very careful.

Correct the faults of the past, having always present with the words we build or destroy (cf. proverbs 18.21) to admit that we also tend to err, and dispose ourselves to change, we show consideration, valuation and authentic to our partner love, with God’s help, the family as a whole and the people with whom we interact daily. A way to gain the ground we lost by not speaking properly and saying the first thing that we had in mind, injuring those people with whom we interact, lies in measuring the tone of voice to express ourselves and the gestures that we use, as well as express words of encouragement, which build and stimulate, that build enabling bridges to discuss and build love and sincere appreciation.

Venezuela School

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

There is absence of investigations that favour the solution of the serious problems that currently the country has political, economic, social and productive. Today more than ever, you need a new managerial leader, an administrator that is conducive to changes, transformations necessary to seize the opportunities that the actions of the Government is generating, in presenting major weaknesses that can be very well used by professionals who are well trained and know how to interpret the scope, the impact of favouring President Chavez thisfor example, on new openings, break into new markets, in joining the Government’s plans to consolidate strengths in productive weaknesses than the business sector, economic He faces. The school has neglected increasingly, selection of their teachers, giving more political commitments, friendship, family, step than to academic endorsement. Need teachers creative, innovative, capable of generating a new paradigm of management according to which the State intends to with its socialism of the 21st century and that you should know to be integrated and play a role of opposition in everything that goes against the benefits of the country. Not is can continue leaving the training and education for graduates in management based on a profile of the administrator not suitable to the reality of the present, with curricula, where many of his subjects are not updated and others are already outdated. Need new approaches, administrative tools, greater integration with the demands of the knowledge society, the behavior of the scenarios interpretation, technology, needs of consumers, taking advantage of the strengths that foster each country’s natural riches. Requires proactive, motivating teachers to generate a radical change in the old learning models, unfortunately, still kept in the classrooms. Need school management opened wider, be linked to the problems of the region, State, business sector, other schools, school administrators, foster a more dynamic role in the political, economic, business, cultural reality that Venezuela requires.

Medicine Against

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Noticing the presence of cysts in the ovaries sometimes is very difficult, millions of women around the world are not aware of these formations that usually they are hormonal cause, when the woman is exposed to take medication to get pregnant, eating processed foods, saturated fats, the weight gain for a long time can also unbalance the release of hormones from the hypothalamus. The doctor warns of these cysts when women will make the Pap test or any abdominal ultrasound recommended by headaches surrounding the pelvis, and the lower region of the abdomen, some type of back pain very different to produced cramps during menstruation. Natural medicine for ovarian cysts offers to reduce this type of ailments as also work in the disappearance of the cyst slowing its growth, an example of this is an infusion made with plantain leaves, mint leaves, and dandelion, prepared for two cups per day for a 10 minute boil time and taking after meals acts as relaxing muscle avoiding disperaunia symptoms that characterize the presence of ovarian cysts are turned off. As not all women who have cysts in the ovaries will be the respective tests that allow n diagnosis, some employ natural medicine unconsciously allowing that as in many cases the cyst is removed by your benign origin after about two months, another way those who were already diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cysts gynecologist have as precautionary measure monitor the development of these bags from time to time, from 3 to 4 weeks with new tests of ultrasound or the match one best diet and can oral contraceptives is up to them indicated to try to decrease the volume of cyst. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.


Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Unfortunately there are many abuses that are occurring in this sense, materialize in the so-called syndrome grandfather slave, or when both loaded lifeboat to our boat, he ends up sinking. Permanent fatigue, hypertension emotional and psychic discomfort are some of the symptoms. Each family situation is different and we can not generalize, but sometimes many older people are forced to raise their grandchildren, so that their children will have a more comfortable life. His role, however, should be much more enriching, both for them and for our children. They should just enjoy the mutual company and the relationship that is established between the two. And is that times are given situations that come to fall sick. The other side of the coin are grandparents who assume the role of parents, to be imposed before these and wanting to educate his grandchildren in the same way they did with their children.

In both cases it’s an abuse of power, of non-acceptance of the role that we play in the family. Very different is when that mixture of roles is voluntary and necessary for the child’s education. However, this negative side is best left to another article in the today I want to highlight both family and social work that our grandparents play. I’ve always thought that the relationship can be established between grandparents and grandchildren is special. Special to the extent that they are two sources of mutual affection, in that both are in the same social dimension, although apparently they distended so much by age difference. Both are outside the chain of production, that which makes us to exclude us almost unconsciously enjoyment that gives pleasure in small things. That world, however, is yours. The grandfather figure, not only a source of experience, but is a necessary link in the chain family. Grandchildren grandparents see the figure of an adult accomplice, of a person than that tell their secrets without you recrimine them their behavior, part tougher and less permissive of education is task of parents.

Argentine Government

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

The Argentine Government is up to the directory of companies: why is this bad? April 16th, 2009 how difficult to carry out a productive activity in the Argentina! In addition to a context uncertain and unstable (mainly the product of official economic policy), controls on prices and the high rate of inflation, now the Government intends to get into the companies. Although the strategy is not the same used by Chavez, does not seem to differentiate too much of it. The nationalization of the funds of retirement and pensions (AFJP), in Argentina not only represented a problem for the contributors to the private system, but also was for several private companies of which had shareholding the missing entities of administration. Think that when privatized system of pensions and retirement in the Argentina, and were allowed the AFJP to invest a portion of the funds in local actions, this represented one very good news for the stock market local as their listed companies that struggled improve your score to be the object of investment for them. Now these companies have within himself an unwanted shareholder and that can adversely affect the prospects for them.

The nationalization of the AFJP system changed the corporate structure of the companies of one not minor mode that shares ownership of these companies that was in the hands of several AFJP happened to be in the hands of a single shareholder: the State. A shareholder with greater power and a different vision about business. What is the problem that the Government enter part of these private companies? The main problem is that the State does not think just like the private sector by what their influence in decision-making can move away to the signatures of its goal of maximizing benefits and may impede strategic decision-making for the future development of companies. In relation to this, the Argentine Government has already finished his view short-term, characteristic samples which are it becomes a threat when it translates into its interventions in these companies.