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Karlsruhe Tel

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

The positive feedback encourages us in our work and supports the impressions we get in the feedback discussion with our customers. High functionality, coupled with flexibility and ease of use is essential for the success of an ERP system today. The object-oriented architecture of CANIAS ERP, we go according to the needs of the user. We are maintained consistently that approach in the future development of our solution.” The following systems and software houses took part in the first round of the competition:-CANIAS ERP / industrial application software GmbH – M3 / Lawson Germany GmbH – SAP ERP / T.CON GmbH & co. KG – Semiramis / ComputerKomplett SteinhilberSchwehr AG of the ERP contest is continued on September 29 and 30. There are four more service providers with your systems of the jury in Dortmund. The detailed results of all eight participants are fully published after completion of the second round. IAS GmbH: Industrial application software GmbH (IAS) is a innovative systems integrator in the field of business management solutions.

founded in 1989 as a SAP consultancy, the IAS GmbH offers the own developed ERP standard software since 1993 to CANIAS ERP. The IAS now has additional locations in Turkey, Dubai and China in addition to the Office in Karlsruhe and a total of 120 employees. Nissan takes a slightly different approach. More than 7,000 concurrent CANIAS users in 19 different countries work successfully with the IAS software. The IAS GmbH offers a full service around the ERP project from project management and programming their customers, which are mainly in the market of SMEs and the upper middle class, to advice and training.