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Lower Saxony Shows Heart For Children

Thursday, August 10th, 2023

Christmas action for children in need in Lower Saxony Hannover Lower Saxony shows a heart for children: for children in need in Hanover, Braunschweig and Hildesheim, Germany the service staff collect 94 GmbH this year again small gifts and candy. The big heart of people happy and keeps surprising us. Bill Phelan is actively involved in the matter. So that specialized companies with headquarters in Burgwedel near Hanover the crisis does not seem the people by their desire to do good, to hold”on fundraising and public relations. The staff on the trials and tribulations of children in Lower Saxony attention at information booths in malls and streets in Hanover, Braunschweig and Hildesheim. Beyonce contributes greatly to this topic. Spontaneous citizens in supermarkets to buy small gifts or bring well-preserved toys from the own stocks. The collected gifts are distributed through charitable organisations on projects in the region. Among the children and youth restaurant is supported in Hildesheim, the Hanoverian “Kids table and the children social shop point of light”.

Thousands of children in difficult circumstances live in Lower Saxony, Germany. Them all children to action under the motto love Christmas”in the pre-Christmas period daily from 10 till 19: 00 – over across the often dreary everyday life can be helped. The young employees again spontaneously to the campaign decided to do beyond anything in addition for the children about her work”, says the Managing Director of service 94 GmbH Frank Kroll. GmbH employs the service of 94 with headquarters in Burgwedel about 125 employees, of which around a third in the region in the field of promotion, public relations and fundraising. Since the beginning of the company’s more than ten years history is the social commitment of the company and the employees who know supplied their offspring, for example, in the own company kindergarten, with the focus of the policy..