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Change Relationships

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

One of the most difficult events in the life of an adult is the divorce and, therefore, the separation. Both are causing a lot of stress will be accompanied by: the reorganization of everyday tasks and responsibilities. The loss of significant relationships. The establishment of new relationships. After the divorce: restructuring of your family for the majority of couples with children, a divorce does not mean the end of a family, but it rather means that the family should be restructured in the form of managing the household chores, the family finances, the roles of parents and relations with other parts of the family (uncles(, cousins, nephews, etc.) as well as with friends of the family. This reorganization can create a lot of stress. Housework activities such as cleaning, cooking and buying, should be readministradas.

In fact, each parent may have to assume tasks that previously shared together, therefore, the divorce can feel like an overwhelming situation. Economy family often, financial arrangements should be redesigned, which adds much more stress and tension between the parents. Finances can become a major source of anger and discussions. Functions in the upbringing of children if one of the parents is the main earner and the other is only a primary caregiver, each one will have to fulfil both functions separately. Parents must answer for the care of children separately, but who is going to stay home with a sick child? Who is going to leave work early to take your child to the dentist? Relationships with friends and uncles, cousins, etc. The interaction with other parts of the family and friends should be reconsidered. Family contact can bring potential sources of guidance and comfort. Loss of important relationships and dreams after a divorce around the world needs love, safety and closeness. Marriage is one of the most important relationships in the life of every human being, so its loss causes much of the stress emotional, which empties into a posdivorcio crisis.

Extent Value

Monday, February 18th, 2013

To the extent that have identified all spending that is done, how it is performed, to who pays and various aspects of equal relevance, is as you may go having a better recognition of the actual cost of the provision of services of it and the value that they add; TI delivers value to the business through a correct provision of it services and customer (company) is who gives value to the service, to the extent in TI helps it to achieve its results, so it is important to understand that the client must obtain a higher value with respect to the cost of the same provision of the services. It is important that those people in charge or who are related to the finances of it are aware of the benefits and value that can be obtained from the proper financial management, which in turn can get to see reflected in the efficient management and quality of the products or services that the business provides.