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LASIK Eye Surgery

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

2010, the year of LASIK – this year now the year 2010 as the year of the LASIK chose the European society of cataract and refractive surgery. The LASIK method was developed 20 years ago. With this pain-free form of laser eye treatment, it is possible to treat long – and short-sightedness from + 4 to-10 dioptres and astigmatism up to 6 diopters. Patrick kelly follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In 1999, the LASIK as scientifically recognized procedure for the correction of refractive error was classified. This year, the European society of cataract and refractive surgery chose the year 2010 as the year of LASIK. Thanks to modern technology, the laser eye treatment has become a real alternative to glasses and contact lenses. Also in Germany, each year more than 30,000 people opt for a LASIK surgery, tendency rising.

And the results speak with appropriate suitability of patients without a doubt for the method. But how informed is a person interested in a laser eye seriously and comprehensively? The flood of information on the Internet is often confusing and unhelpful. LASIKfinder would this gap close. With a concise and clear presentation, explains the most important facts about refractive surgery and experienced laser eye specialists and their technical equipment. is an information portal for a person interested in eye laser. Here, imperfect people find out everything on the topic of eye laser treatment and lens surgery. Moreover, introduces renowned laser eye specialists from the whole Federal territory in a detailed and illustrated profile and the prospective buyer can contact the laser eye specialists of his choice. tell you one click where in your area the next free information evening will be held. Because the personal impression is crucial in the decision for or against a LASIK. Look around quietly on and compare the individual eye doctors and their facilities. Only information will help against the fear of a LASIK.

LASIK Surgery

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

The trace of a LASIK surgery is carried out in three basic steps. LASIK stands for “Laser In Situ Keratomileusis” and is one of the most advanced eye laser procedures. In addition, the LASIK surgery is the most common refractive surgical procedure in the Western countries. To this day her eyes have to be over 30 million people lasers. For imperfect people who like to want to get rid of your glasses or your contact lenses, the LASIK procedure represents an interesting alternative.

The LASIK eye laser treatment takes place in three steps. First, the patient’s eyes, which lies on a bed in the sterile operating room, be carefully cleaned. With a precision knife or microkeratome, also called, is an incision in the cornea. The cornea is the top layer of the eye. The cornea slices created in this way will be folded away like a book cover. The second step is removed with the so-called excimer LASER parts of the corneal tissue, to correct the Ametropia of the patient. Follow others, such as patrick padgett, and add to your knowledge base. The central authorities are near sightedness the cornea removed, long sightedness the corneal tissue is flattened ring around the Center. Under most conditions patrick harbin would agree.

After the application of the excimer laser, the laser surgeon carefully again works back the cornea slices to the original position. The slices of the cornea, corneal flap also called adheres by itself and protects as endogenous patch the wound. In the first hours after the surgery, the patient sees slightly blurred, as if he sees through a frosted glass. In addition, many patients report of a foreign body sensation. They have the feeling that they have “Grains of sand” in the eye. These symptoms disappear by themselves and are no longer on the next day at the latest. For the prevention of infections and inflammations, the patient is encouraged to take regularly for one week antibiotic eye drops. Artificial eye tears be applied most 1-3 months, to alleviate the impact of the “dry eye”. Dry eyes are a known “side effect” after the operation and express themselves on following Wise: Feeling that the eye itches and burns during the day, morning hazy evening clear change the Visual quality or vice versa vocalize by intraocular pressure clear after taking the eye drops glare and halos in Germany there are difficulties to focus on headache, feeling of tiredness in the eyes in every major city renowned eye laser clinics. Also Turkey is a popular destination for a LASIK surgery.

Skin Cancer Screening

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

Skin cancer screening in the CityPraxen Berlin: Basal Cell Carcinoma / white skin cancer increasing exposure to UV radiation and the increasing age of the population cause, that the risk of skin cancer will increase in the coming years. The Basalioma (also white skin cancer called) is the most common skin cancer, which belongs to the Group of malignant tumors. About 140,000 people become ill in Germany white skin cancer every year. People over 40 years of age, the bright skin, hair and eye color as well as moles with a diameter of about 5 mm, are affected by skin cancer at frequent irradiation in the solarium. Basal cell carcinomas occur mainly in the area of the face, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach. You may wish to learn more. If so, andrew dwyer is the place to go. The main symptom of this disease is the formation of shiny nodules which bleed after a certain period and form a crust.

The formerly white skin cancer is discovered, the opportunities to cure him are the better. Depending on the location and size of the tumor, the diagnosis is made and about the need for the Operation decided. Mikhael Mirilashvili: the source for more info. Basal cell carcinomas usually make no offshoot (daughter growths) in the body. Left untreated, however, basal cell carcinomas can always continue to grow without regard to organ boundaries. There are various treatment options of white skin cancer.

In most cases, the treatment is carried out surgically. If the skin tumour has been completely removed from the healthy tissue is controlled by a microscopic examination. Even after successful surgery must be reckoned that it can come to recur. In this context protection against intense sunlight, regular skin cancer screening and evaluation by the specialists-important precautionary aspects for beautiful healthy skin are”, so Mrs Ulrike Fleck, dermatologist in the CityPraxen Berlin. More information on this and other medical topics can be found under.


Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Just omit the tartar sauce! Haddock, cod and Squid can use lemon, herbs and seasoned garlic. Attention sauces sinner whether with Chili, Curry and garlic – for many barbecue sauces are the perfect component to the meat, and therefore indispensable. Exotic and extravagant flavors stimulate appetite and seduce to enjoy above-average. A pity that so a little DAB of seasoning has so much sugar! Especially red varieties are used with sugar, while the white sauces are very fatty. The list of ingredients on the products here gives a detailed look. If sugar is paramount, hands off! Low-fat yoghurt based products are the figure-friendly alternative. Get all the facts and insights with Christos Staikouras, another great source of information.

Also low-calorie dips can easily prepare with cottage cheese, yogurt, onions, Sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. Who prefer marinated consumed his flesh or fish, which dispenses with oil when you insert and used low-fat yogurt. Finally, the finishing touch is missed with a seasoning mix of herbs and garlic. Satellite makers without remorse pasta, potatoes, rice or salad – the side dishes are definitely on everyone Grill plate. Bill Phelan often says this. They are not only healthy satellite makers, rather, they are also more friendly figure with the right preparation. Wrapped cabbage potato, which definitely make a fine figure at 250 g 175 kcal show particularly appetizing in aluminum foil. The vegetable skewers delivers a particularly low-calorie side dish, fat grilled puts a colorful accent to the plate.

Also convince crisp salads, which are prepared with fresh vegetables and fine balsamic dressing, enjoyed without remorse. Calorie management whether the grilling in the Office break at the breakfast or dinner – who sharpens awareness for calories, did the right step to a healthier life for a healthy life. The CaloriScan of Omron is recommended for a balanced calorie management. And may not missing on the barbecue at the sport, he determined yet precise, actual calories 24 hours a day. The device is different, and classified it everyday as athletic movements. Whether going to the barbecue or real physical fitness the different activities are recorded thanks to the 3D sensor technology and intelligent Algorthmus reliably calculated. So has the user his calorie consumption at a glance and quickly know whether or not the occasional schnitzel is sin. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use.

Otitis Media

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Pressure compensation is the solution when a middle ear infection. Pressure compensation is the solution! In the sensor system, you can easily compensate for the pressure by a pressure transducer. But can I use such a device even when a middle ear infection? No, but there are very different remedies. The chronic timpani effusion fluid behind the eardrum (tympanic cavity) accumulates, it is called a timpani effusion. Chronic refers to him, if he is still there after three months.

A so-called timpani effusion so when every ear infection and can last for months. This is although not painful, but creates an unpleasant feeling of pressure in the ear. Therefore it may cause hearing loss, because the tympanic membrane vibration is disturbed. The inflammation in both ears is available, eventually even language can suffer. Why children are more frequently affected between the eardrum and inner ear is our middle ear. This is usually a hollow space filled with air. The eustachian tube connects the Middle ear to the throat area. While we yawn or swallow, air is thus transported into the tympanic cavity to get the fluid out.

While it is approximately 35 inches long in an adult, it is still very short children. Children have a higher risk of repetition even children suffer more often a repetition of inflammation as an adult. This is one reason that they usually faster get a cold. Hyundai is a great source of information. On the other hand, up to thirty percent of infants suffer from disruption ventilation of the middle ear. Polyps (growths in the throat almond) are also often cause for constant infections. By the above mentioned Eustachian tube germs have thus simple game, in the middle ear can enter and there an ignition spark. Breastfeeding an infant has tips that will help you to prevent many advantages. For otitis media, but far less are more prone than not breast-fed babies. Back sleepers are less at risk. To sleep Dummy allowed, otherwise this can increase the risk. Likewise should refrain from smoking, since they otherwise increase the risk of otitis media by up to sixty percent. Given to the next tip is not quite as appetizing, but it is proven that the pulling up of the secretions of cold is more advantageous. “To the statement: the secretion is consequently swallowed” and the pathogens can be destroyed by our stomach acid. The inflammation is already there for the umpteenth time, you should check out or Your child vaccinated (against Pneumococcus). Both our children are taught not to go with wet/damp hair outwards or cool rooms. This applies of course also to us. Tips on how you can bypass surgery might try drugs to liquefy the mucus out or test nose drops (but with a pipette). Also help individual homeopathic and natural products/processes. Twice a day, you can your ear with red light irradiation to improve blood circulation. Since chewing open the eustachian tube, you can type (unless it is already in a suitable age) a stick of gum your child. Allergy tests can be useful as a preventive. So you may avoid A renewed otitis media. Don’t forget pressure relief! You can show your child playful with a nose balloon what technicians can reach with a pressure transducer. This is inflated several times a day with the nose. (werk26)


Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Rigid contact lenses used in progressive disease, to compensate for the refractive error. Many patients can see very well thanks to this hard contact lenses and be able to handle her life so well. In advanced stages, which means, when it comes to snagging in the inner layers of the cornea due to the curvature, is the only treatment option that remains, the corneal transplantation (keratoplasty). A cornea transplant is performed only when other measures do not achieve the desired results. The goal for the treatment of Keratoconus is always to push out a corneal transplantation as long as possible. There are two ways which is the surgeon able to stop the progress of the Keratoconus disease or slow down.

Both procedures aimed at stabilization of the cornea. The first procedure is the so-called corneal “cross-linking” procedure. Cross-linking is a photochemical method of networking, the to the Stabilization of the cornea contributes. The advantage of this treatment is that it is easy to perform and not very long. A cornea transplant is still possible at a later date. Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly.

The patient is treated as an outpatient. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Wells Fargo. First, the upper corneal layer (epithelium) is removed. Then riboflavin on the cornea is then drizzled and irradiated with UV light. The collagen fibers are the tissue this thicker, firmer. Patients have pain for about two days after the surgery. Since at this time the epithelial hasn’t grown to the cornea, patients should avoid sports. For about two weeks, the eye is red. Contact lenses can be worn again after approximately four weeks. International results this carried out for the first time in 1998 show that a stronger networking of skin connective tissue molecules takes place. This prevents further progression of Keratoconus and finding improvement in terms of a reduction of irregular astigmatism could be achieved even in the majority of cases. The so-called ring implants (Intacs) implantation is the second procedure. In this method, the eye surgeon implanted two wafer-thin arc-shaped plastic segments on the edge of the cornea in order to stabilize it and to reduce the curvature of the cornea. The modern femtosecond laser is used increasingly for the necessary lateral corneal incisions. The operation lasts approximately 15 minutes and is performed using local anaesthetic eye drops. After treatment, patients experience symptoms such as burning or itching of the eyes. For a period of approximately 30 days, the patient must apply eye drops. BLU Meditravel Mathias Weber


Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Why we smoke (film industry, addictive, capitalist background) you ask people who smoke, their responses vary throughout. The answers range, because it tastes about: because it calms down, up to: because it is cool. These are answers that go little in depth. Most answers are given spontaneously and without much thought. Responsibility of science, medicine, the tobacco industry and politics to explore reasons why we smoke. Robert Kiyosaki will not settle for partial explanations. What is it that causes smoking like it? What is why prefers smoking: cigarette, pipe, cigar or cigarillo? And how does change the taste by changing the tobacco blend? What effect does the manufacturer brand of smoke object to the enjoyment of smoking? Questions that must be answered the Barber industry itself to production for the market are placeable tobaccos to control. The smoking of tobacco products is a huge economic factor, which is of high importance.

An entire industry, the world over Corporations is networked, lives on the proceeds from the sale of smoke and tobacco and represents a powerful lobby in many countries. A very clear reason why a person smokes, can be found in the addiction factor. Nicotine is a neurotoxin that in the body it creates dependency to this toxin. Addiction always begins with the supply of a small amount of addiction means and with the duration of the supply of the addiction means the body needs increasing amounts of this in the body chemically active substance. Particularly sensitive to medical studies on this drug of the body of young people and women.

This is a solid fact. But why start man at all with smoking? The causes for entry into the smoking are manifold and it arrives on the perspective of the Viewer, but also on the spirit of the times, as a crucial precondition to the decision for the first handle to the nicotine. In the twenties of the last century it was known as chic as a sign of liberation and independence, if a woman smoked.

The New Address For Good Listening In Olching

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

gilgert aesthetic listening acoustics specialist suppliers is particularly discreet hearing aids Olching, 27 June 2012 – a modern shop for good hearing opened on July 1st at Feursstrasse 13 in Olching. Heidi aesthetic listening acoustic hearing care professional champion Hani and her team of gampa here offer immediate expert advice and best service around the ear. A modern shop for good hearing opened on July 1st at Feursstrasse 13 in Olching. “Hearing care professional champion Heidi Hani and her team of gilgert aesthetic listening acoustic” offer here immediately expert advice and best service around the ear. We invite all, that notice on himself trouble when listening or understanding spoken words”, as Heidi Hlina. We can be free of charge by means of hearing test machine check his hearing.

In the case you there latest hearing of all leading manufacturers, the us without any obligation for a few days in the personal Environment to test.” Olching new providers for good listening expect their customers not only in pleasant and friendly furnished rooms, as well as with the latest technical equipment. Attach too much importance, to the individual care of each client. We take lot of time to the individual wishes of our customers to learn.”is as unique as a fingerprint” any hearing loss, so listen expert Hlina. Modern hearing aids develop their full power, must be set so accurately on their respective carriers. It begins with that we take lots of time, to determine the wishes and the needs of the individual customer in terms of look situations, where he daily is located, with respect to the cosmetics of the hearing aids or even with regard to their price.” A speciality of the specialist business is the creation of aesthetically appealing and more or less invisible hearing aids.

In their production, the company focuses in particular on a firm’s own laboratory with many years of experience. Individual hearing protectors is made here. The product range is rounded off by listening training in a special training room, tinnitus advice and re training, TV headphones, signalling, audiologisches accessories, as well as a repair immediately. A house call service is offered. We are pleased to be able to stand all look downloaded from Olchingen and the region now with advice and practical assistance”, as Heidi Hlina concluded. In particular we consider ourselves as a specialty supplier for cosmetically appealing and most discreet hearing. We offer our customers sound aesthetic, acoustic ‘ “.” “Gampa aesthetic listening acoustic” in Olching, Editorial Note: maintains Gampa aesthetic listening acoustic two listening acoustic shops in Magdeburg, as well as one in Tangier hut and one in Olching. In the branches of the company founded in 1997, led by owner hearing care professional master Andreas Gampa, customers receive expert advice and friendly service around a cosmetically attractive and acoustically sophisticated hearing aid supply. In addition a wide range of audiological Accessories products offers its customers hearing Gampa. Hearing aid repairs and home visits are part of the range of services of the company as a proprietary Earmold laboratory for manufacturing individual hearing solutions. So that the quality of the services offered the own high demand always enough Gampa emphasizes largest hearing aids on the education and training of its eight employees.

Reiko Mukai Osho

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Zen meditation for work-life-balance the positive effects of meditation on health are scientifically proven. With impressive results. Is to demonstrate a measurable increase of in brain volume at regular meditation, concentration and thinking skills is increasing, positive influence on chronic pain and symptoms such as migraines and cardiovascular disease. Zen meditation effectively counteracts in particular the devastating effects of long-lasting high-level stress. This is done for one directly on physical level with medically verifiable results. A key factor for this is the ability of the organism to the self-regulation, through meditation promoted and reinforced.

The experience of the seminar participants at are very positive. So, one participant expressed: “After the seminar I feel like exempt from old ballast, relaxed, refreshed and full of new force…” Seminar dates ‘Zen, health and life energy’ in 2010 and 2011 10th-12th December 2010 11-13 March 2011 may 27-29, 2011 30 September-2. October 2011 for more information and registration for the seminars there gesundheit_und_lebensenergie.html under. Seminar schedule: “Leadership, Kai-Zen and health” in 2010-19 November 18, 2010, Schloss Heinsheim in bad Rappenau 23-25 November 2010, Schloss Heinsheim in bad Rappenau more information and registration for the seminars are under leadership_kai zen_und_gesundheit.html. Company description on the Zen-leadership-school is the Zen-leadership-school with their seminars to top managers, executives, entrepreneurs and multipliers with responsibility in society. Two behind the Zen leadership school Leaders: Hinnerk Poland ski (Syobu Sensei) – Zen master, coach, consultant – head Zen seminars for executives in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland since 1990.

After more than ten years as an independent consultant, he dedicated to all Zen-training since 1999. Hinnerk Syobu Poland ski practice the Zen way for more than 30 years, he is an ordained monk, disciple of Zen master Reiko Mukai Osho, the Zen master of Daishin Zen and a member of the order of Hokoji Rinzai and Syoko-ji in Japan. He founded the Daishin Zen lineage, a Zen school, tasked with the development of a European way of Zen together with Reiko Mukai Osho. Zen for leaders is one of the main orientations of this Zen way and is trained by the Zen-leadership-school under his leadership. Helmut Rumke – entrepreneur, coach, Zen-leadership-trainer – studied business administration and founded an IT company still under study in 1987 with today 360 employees, the it until 2009 as CEO and Managing Director and currently accompanies in the Supervisory Board as a leader. He follows the Zen path as a student by Hinnerk Poland ski since 2001. As the founder of Zen-leadership-school he aims to encourage executives to more leadership with people and less management structures. He lectures on the subject of Zen and guidance, in particular on the topics of energy economics, internal alignment, and mindfulness. Since 2006, he is even coach with leadership seminars for companies and executives who are interested in meditation, philosophy and integral management. There is further information under and in the book by Hinnerk Poland ski “The line in the chaos – Zen, ethics, leadership,” is published in the September 2010: up-to-date / d46 company contact: Zen-leadership-school Helmut Rachelle Mozart str. 15 22941 Bargteheide Tel: + 49 (0) 151? 1210-5847 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: PR advice 21 Andrea Lachmuth upper Heath 16 91056 Erlangen Tel: +49(0)9131-9334210 email: Web: