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The Shutter

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Grits – this is a discrete or granular structure, which manifests itself on the negative, photograph or slide. With an increase in film speed and the degree of increase in grain increases. Infrared light – Built-in infrared emitter, which provides illumination for shooting in the dark for the possibility of autofocus in low light conditions. Pulsed source light – this light source is used for creating short bursts of high intensity light for their work in special lighting – the flash light. Pulsed light sources automatically at the time of full disclosure of a camera shutter. For precise timing synchronization with the desired phase of the shutter pulsed light sources are connected to the camera via sinhrokontakt Kas (Fr. cacher – to hide, hide) – opaque or translucent flaps used for special effects or technical purposes.

Application of porridge called masking (kashetirovaniem) flux. Composition – a harmonious placement of objects of the scene in which the main object, the elements of foreground and background are in accordance with the requirements of visual harmony. Backlight: Light, illuminating the object from the side opposite to the lens and directed in his direction. With this object is separated from the background. If the backlight is very bright, visible only to the outlines of an object or silhouette. Contact print – a fingerprint obtained by exposing photographic paper to which closely pressed against the negative. The image on this printout is obtained of the same size as the negative. Contrast – a range of optical density light and dark areas of the picture negatives, paper print or slide; range of brightness of an object or scene.