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Loved Ones

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Tell someone you know do you love? Because that person would fight out of the streets? Did you ever have loved you yourself? And if you think you love because you keep eating? Now after spending some time in that house rehabilitation can you go out without returning to it? Or want to feel the cold stare of those who use service by your side? Or want to die to deny you’re a coward? Or are you going to deny that many times when you’ve upgraded for a while have preferred to return to the street and consume it all because you get to meet for your family because you get to work. I ask only to show me what you know. Why do not you are a coward when you steal? Because you can throw stabbed with such skill and not throw away this cursed existence in your life? For when you prefer to rehabilitate the street again. Because you realize that life outside the drug street is full of problems and difficulties. Then the flame of bazuco drags you and makes you feel happy. But really, are you happy? It is not others, it’s about you. Forgive me for so many questions and judge. But answer me.

If people love that deep down you would die? Lost time you return them? How many years have you lost? Do not you realize that your children are now the children of others because it wanted. Your mother and your brothers have lived the same hell. Without hesitation Nissan explained all about the problem. Your physical and spiritual level and they have a spiritual level. But do not think about them. Think of yourself. Bobby Kotick gathered all the information. If life is how big your problem. But do not use people to have hurt you.

Only I can tell you to forgive me for getting into your life because I am nobody. But whenever billboards to light the pipe, so you think you love. If you are a coward or a brave man. Or if that pipe is better and more valuable than your life, do not think more about others, think of you. Think of yourself. Not trying to get used to the comfort of things, just want you to think of you. The day boats leave your pipe and drag the streets, you call, a live, a mafioso, who was able to understand his own life .

Education Should Develop Character

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Education should make living, direct and loving men (1883). “The mind is like the wheel of the cars, and as the word turns the running exercise and lighter” (1884), “It’s professional the divorce between the education received between one era and the era “(1884) is an imperative of social development that the education students receive during the men of the future will be in keeping with the times. And to do the educational work that demands the time, to prepare the man who has to live today and tomorrow should be amended throughout the organization archaic school, give away the traditional approaches and turn it into a living organism whose systematic activity organized and planned, to ensure the formation of an individual who can meet the demands. It is an ultimate goal of the educational system in Cuba, and so appear in documents that govern the work of the school, getting to know individuals, can, want to confront and productively and independently resolve challenges in the student life first, and work later, with the least investment of time and effort. The independent search of knowledge is the most characteristic feature of student’s cognitive activity. Independence is one of the main features of autonomy and makes that you can solve the fundamental problems without outside help, without reproducing arbitrarily and adding something new. In this regard, Jose Ramon Fernandez (1986), Minister of Education in Cuba said: “The primary activity of the educator must be directed to act in the minds of learners to foster the development of their intellectual abilities, to teach how to think, reason, to synthesize, to develop habits and skills for independent work, for searching and organizing knowledge for the proper use and proper management of textbooks and literature sources, for taking lecture notes as support, not replace textbooks, instilling self-study habits, ie, teach them to study at the same time it focuses its efforts on building of the personality …”.