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The Fault

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Preocpate by all the fields of your life. The spiritual, emotional and the economic one, one is like a chair of 3 legs if it needs some of these will be lame simply does not serve for anything. It breaks with your past life and it takes step to a new life of great satisfactions, breaks without mercy all the obstacles that appear you in the way, as I read of the book the fault is of the cow: A great one teacher and a guardian, shared the administration of a Zen monastery. Certain day the guardian died, and was necessary to replace it. The great teacher reunited to all disciples in order to choose to who would have that honor. Voy to present/display a problem said to them: that one solves that it first, will be the new guardian of the temple. It brought to the center of the room a bank, put on this an enormous and beautiful florero with a beautiful red rose and indicated: this is the problem.

The disciples contemplated perplex what they saw: the sophisticated designs and rare of the porcelain, the freshness and elegance of the flower What represented that one? what to do? Which was the enigma? All were paralyzed. After some minutes, a student rose, he watched the teacher, and to the other disciples, he walked towards the glass with determination he threw and it to the ground. You are the new guardian said the great teacher to him, and it explained -: I was very clearly, I said to them that they were in front of the problem. It does not matter that so beautiful and fascinating they are, the problems must be solved. It can be a very rare porcelain glass, a beautiful love that no longer has sense, a way that we must leave but that we insisted on crossing so that it brings comforts to us. A form only exists to fight with the problems: to attack them front.

At those moments we cannot have mercy, nor let to us touch by the fascinating side that any conflict takes with himself The problems have a rare effect on the majority of us: like to contemplate we them, to analyze them, to give them returned, to comment them happens frequently that we compared our problems with those of the others and tenth: Its problem is not nothing! I hoped that mine tells him! paralysis by Analysis has occurred in calling to this process of contemplation and inaction. And the solution? I personally found the solution perfect stops to eliminate expenses in all type of meetings and at world-wide level. This therefore contributes to better great quality of life because saving to me amounts. I want to help to that it can If it wants the book that has helped to million people escrbame a subject I want book Totally free the shipment, it changes the mind is excellent. Cristylily I would like that you left a commentary me on this article, that you finish also reading and That you tell a little and tell me me which is your main frustration or fear to begin a business multilevel. I personally will be answered your questions and commentaries, with the greater possible sincerity and all the experience that and had in this field.