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Array Floor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

What floor you choose? What a cover lay on the floor? Many of us remember how easy it was in Soviet times. See Jane Fraser for more details and insights. Using the same flooring options was minuscule – a few options linolenic euma with primitive drawings or parquet (Parquet). Parquet could afford a few away. Parquet or fit in the range or in model homes, but the pattern and the appearance of it was outrageously simplistic. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK addresses the importance of the matter here. Parquet or parquet original pattern was to be found, or in institutions or museums, or in the apartments of senior people. Today, the choice of floor coverings in the market has expanded strongly, including through new technologies and formation of market relations. Parquet, parquet flooring, solid wood and solid wood has been available for nearly all for the price, cost and commercial availability. But with the simultaneous availability of laying the floor wood (hardwood floor, solid) there is a tendency to choose synthetic or composite floor coverings of plastics and polymers, which are currently much went on the decrease.

People to choose between different floor coverings have to lean towards laying the floor of the wood (parquet, solid wood, solid). The cost of laying parquet and paving of the array price in the future with a vengeance justified by environmental benefits of sex, dates of operation and the possibility of multiple repairs through the parquet work (sanding, grinding, filling, toning and even brashirovaniya). Parquet and massive the board can give a completely new view without putting over the floor, but just by tinting it a different color of wood, with the cost of this operation (toning) will be significantly lower than lay new floor. Today it is obvious to any floor of wood, such as parquet, orders of magnitude more power efficient than floor coverings made of synthetic materials. Parquet at a low price today is very real (fiscal laying). Leveling the floor (screed) can be done by yourself or use a work force with low levels of pay.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

This technology of processing a variety of names. Waterjet cutting, waterjet cutting, water jet – all of it's unique method of GAR. If we talk about the technical side, in this regard, it has a majority advantages over other methods: low consumption of raw materials (due to the small size is formed in the processing section, which is only 0.1 cm, and the unique cutting); punctuality set parameters (Cuts, deepening and rounding precision obtained); No risk of destruction of the material (in the process he does not get hot, as is natural cooling water); efficiency (lower consumption materials when performing work at the expense of high precision cutting and surface treatment, the lack of need for subsequent polishing); flexibility (the method makes it possible to work with whatever raw materials, including material incredible strength); shortness of order execution (due to the speed and efficiency); high quality of work (no fracture, deformation, chipping and asymmetrical lines due to the increased precision cuts); adaptation to any material (waterjet can equally well work with porcelain and glass and concrete with rebar and steel); Safety at Work (the water does not spread airborne dust and fine particles, preventing the lungs from pollution, and the eyes and hands – from accidental injuries); ergonomics (received such surface treatments have no rough edges, are smooth and perfectly pleasing to the touch). The introduction of this technology allowed the production to catch up and maintenance process, as one discovery led to a clearly improved the technical side of the issue. To date, most Progressive is the technique of production Omax, which, without additional setup and configuration of the machine allows you to expose almost all of the processing: 1. natural materials (leather, marble, granite, wood, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, graphite, manganese, mica, rubber, etc.) 2.

polymeric materials (plastics – metallic, foil, composites, foam, teflon, vinyl plastic, etc.). 3. artificial materials (different alloys Metals – Super-and magnetic, zharoustroychivye alloyed, corrosion-resistant, concrete and reinforced concrete slabs, ceramic, metal, etc.). With all of this working successfully addressed our professionals – masters of their craft is not only perfectly handled fragile piece of glass, but also create any design for the art work, embodying a different material on the complexity of shapes and contours. Here you can order the product as on their own sketches and drawings on from our catalog. We will help you in choosing, take into account all your wishes and realize all your ideas, because we – a team of professionals. Distinctive properties in the treated using the method of GAR surface roughness is the absence of any: in the place of her degree reaches only about 0.5 … 1.5 mm, which excludes subsequently further processed products. Area the use of technology waterjet quite impressive, and the improbability of different scope: electronic, food processing, electronics, automotive, advertising, architectural, urban areas, glass- and metal, rubber production, the artistic finishing, microelectronics.