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Norbert Dohmen

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Eucon has can increase significantly the amount of data for PartsPool. As a specialist for value-added information systems we supply Munster – permanent current international article and price data of vehicle parts with PartsPool. These are an important basis for successful rounds of price, unit price research and product new recording and help manufacturers to exploit competition-decisive speed and price advantages. “In the end decide about the quality of the system reliability and volume of data. With the currently added countries United States, Slovenia and Turkey as well as the completed data for Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, we’re still a significant step comprehensive and permanent full data our claim to closer”, so Norbert Dohmen. United States has been available since April 1 for the first time with European vehicle manufacturers. Yet the Asian and most recently the local vehicle manufacturers recorded the next step for the United States.

In addition, Slovenia is to May 1st added and covers today 19 producers. Turkey was recorded with 20 automobile manufacturers, representing approximately 90% of the Turkish car market. Further, the data for the markets of Czech Republic on 33 vehicle manufacturer, Hungary on 20 manufacturers and the Slovakia on 32 manufacturers have been completed. Here, so far only a few vehicle manufacturers were available. In addition, PartsPool offers the possibility of using the so-called currency function to display the data in the local currency.

HAB Castle Friedemann

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

yndeo trend monitor “Business process outsourcing 2009” with a broad-based survey determined the call center and outsourcing service provider at the time yndeo the trend for the business process outsourcing in 2009. The opinions collected by executives in the mid and upper management, as well as by specialists in the area of business process outsourcing, but also by interested participants from the economy in General. “You can support this analysis with an investment of only 30 seconds and gets the results free of charge”, says ULI HAB, Managing Director of yndeo Germany. Take part in the trend monitor to see the following link:../yndeo-call-point-news.html yndeo is a call center and outsourcing provider with European sites in Augsburg, Frankfurt, Sofia and Bucharest. 300 employees cover all possibilities of an international call center, via telephone, E-Mail, fax, post, or even Instant Messaging. In outsourcing yndeo all business processes takes over, multilingual and cost-effective, whether in the Customer service or with the processing of bookings and orders.

Here is worked in up to 17 languages, for example, AVG, Europcar, DHL, HP, practitioners, Tele2, Transfracht, Vodafone and the UniCredit Bank. Press contact: yndeo Inc. NL Germany Mr. Uli HAB Castle Friedemann str. 4 86159 Augsburg Tel: 0821-59767-345 fax: 0821-59767-344 E-Mail: Internet:

Leather Protect Briefcases

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Leather briefcases now again use many men. Exists in countless versions, ranging from the classic leather light up to the noble accessory made of tanned leather popular particularly among teachers. Here, the muted colors are often preferred, one wants to express even a particular style but with such bags. There are these bags in many styles, from the small Conference solution up to the spacious pilot case. There is the matching leather Briefcase for every area of application. The leather briefcases are extremely robust. Leather is a natural product, made from animal skin. Due to different conservation methods, tanning”as it is made durable and resistant.

Tanning the leather gives also his color. Often these noble and expensive bags are allowed but in the vehicle, for example, when you go to work in the restaurant. PayNet wanted to know more. Due to the expensive look of these bags or suitcases, thieves are often attracted to. With a glass slide as privacy to protect his property. Prevent among other things, this foil that can be seen from the outside in the car. Thus, the contents of the vehicle is literally in the dark. Window film are available in many designs. There are various colors, effects and light permeability factors”to choose from.

All slides is common, they were coated with aluminum or other metals. Together with the smooth texture of the film, it is a chrome-like shine, which reflects sunlight and thus makes a look through seemingly impossible. Due to modern bonding techniques, you can stick the slides today itself. Usually they are coated with an adhesive, which reacts with water. To paste the slide, the disc is initially well watered. Then, putting the film on floating and pulls out with a plastic spatula supplied with excess water, cement and air. After a short drying period, the film is firmly connected with the disc and can be treated like a normal window. A glass slide is used to protect the contents of your vehicle from unwanted eyes. Heike stop

Efficient Receivables Management

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Why use of a reputable debt collection company minimizes its own costs, and the contact to the own customers must be still not lost… Just the middle class who are often outstanding claims in the drawer\”for fear of high legal fees or the slogan throw no good money after bad\”, not be asserted. Doing this can have enormous impact on the economic situation of a company, as liquidity problems can ultimately mean insolvency. An example: A company achieved a profit of 300,000 euro with 10 million turnover / year and a return on sales by 3%. To a loss of receivables of only 1% (= 100,000) to compensate, should an additional turnover generated EUR 5 million are, even if regard same Voraussetzungen-of this 1% of the claim would fail. This would correspond to a growth of 50%! Many medium-sized companies, which actually have an interest in the continuation of your customer relationships and would rather prefer an individual treatment of your debtor would shy but the contact to a debt collection agency. Too often are reports with terms like Russians collection\”or Albanians collection\” and their rabid occurrence was released and stuck in their heads.

\” Here the concept is applied-vorrangig one on medium-sized debt collection services in the regional sector of specialist, reputable collection agencies. A cost-efficient Receivables Management, which burdened the creditors only with minimum fees, maximum realization of the outstanding claims against the but, can be implemented successfully with proper usage. While the collection and freezing measures should be however on maintaining the relationship between creditors and debtors. Objective should always producing a so-called win-win situation\”between the parties to be, at the open call still is satisfactorily retracted. Through the qualitative search of the right’ collection services partner on the one hand the liquidity of the creditor can and on the other hand a danger of insolvency drastically reduced, which presents itself as an added value for all concerned.

The Purpose Of The Wholesale

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Why was the wholesale and has been proven to this day? The wholesale business was to achieve a balance in the location of suppliers, producers and retailers. The wholesale trade as intermediaries. One who settles trade goods at your own risk, to customer, which are not private, that perceives a wholesale function. In contrast to the direct purchase from the manufacturer, called intermediaries, by an indirect way of sourcing when switched on. The benefits for the retail industry are obvious. While higher input costs on him come, but the wholesale takes over the transport, storage and an education of range of for him.

If the production and the demand of goods do not match, the wholesale takes over the function of the camp. If E.g. the manufacturer provides its entire range of jewellery, but in winter, in the retail no anklets are in demand, will the jewelry wholesale warehouse and then sold it on demand, so can the need for Customers are continuously met. Another feature of the wholesale trade is the finish. Some products need some time to the tire or a treatment after the generation before you can sell it to the consumer. For example, wine or cheese. The wholesaler is a link between trade, retail and industry. He is always dependent, both its customers and suppliers.

A manufacturer produces for example, 10000 rings, he sold to various wholesalers. This then sold to many retailers, who in turn, the consumer further sell these as individual pieces, to their customers, the rings. Through the mediation of the wholesale trade, the General risk is shared, reducing distribution costs (costs, incurred in the distribution of products from the farm to the consumer) and facilitates the financing. SID Kroker

Kuhn Chain

Monday, November 10th, 2014

About the consumer want solution for innovative service, food and non-food sales types now online and offline at any time at any place in any situation. Also he wants to pleasure themselves by doing something good for themselves, what is healthy and at the same time sustainable. . That is if you want to serve this demand as a chain? Yes it is. However, it is this necessary to revitalize existing, because both the Filialsystemorganisation, the Filialhandelsmarketing and operative branch business perspective be renewed under the “essential and leaving out do”. This strengthens the clout, is economical, creates competitive advantages.

Chain stores were always fine, if the offer met on those buyers who bought it. Increasingly pushing now stock formats, international competitors, or expansive niche in the market, both stationary and online trading. At your shopping center are highly popular. On the other hand always considerations are, no matter in which segment the in the Filialhandel, present Consumers finding better, faster and cheaper and to bind. Which in former times was rather cumbersome, it is today even for unskilled to online merchants are simply and to make hard life with entirely new value chains established chain stores.

By technological change manages to inspire buyers mass. What once was the catalog showroom retail, the television, the PC, the Tablet are notebook or your Smartphone today. Even large shipping – or used-car salesman feel. You win online what is lost in the mail-order business. This shows how enlightened consumers now are and respond to service offerings, no matter whether on or offline – judiciously. The Kuhn show new studies emanating from the branch system – and Filialhandelsmarketing KUHN6Pi specialists for chain stores ( which is why this is so, the online trading compared to the offline-Filialhandel has a high acceptance. From a consumer perspective this corresponds to, what online full-range supplier, specialist, or virtual branded shops offer, rather one sees what still not or no longer offered is stationary via Filialhandelsmarketing – once off by low prices, whose stimulating enough food but hardly to sales growth in the segment.

Charles Eames

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Steel offers elegant reproduction of famous Bauhaus designers since provider “Steel Form” sent out 25 years of high-quality reproductions of Italy of Bauhaus furniture and modern classics this year from its production site in Tuscany. Italian design and handmade furniture ensures maximum quality. Selected family farms with centuries of long tradition of craftsmanship make the elegant and unusual pieces to measure and order. On you can find reproductions of furniture by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Charles Eames. The manufacturing process of the mainly consisting of metal furniture requires highest precision in execution, as well as high quality material in use. The raw material is cut, then bent and welded, before it is subjected to an intensive polishing – steel form seen in the difference between quality and cheap reproductions from China. In addition to the steel processing is also the precise processing of leather high-quality materials to the production process in the reproduction of Bauhaus classic. After choosing the colour of the leather and leather quality, the individual pieces of leather from all skins are cut, sewn cleanly and plumped up depending on the piece of furniture.

Steel form is checked again on quality after the production and final Assembly therefore only faultless goods from Tuscany will be sent. The classics, still modern, manufactured in steel form with the claim to sell high-quality Bauhaus furniture at attractive prices to design lovers. How to recognize poor quality from China? As interested buyers of modern classics and Bauhaus furniture it is difficult to identify the right provider in the Internet, promise the most furniture dealers only excellent goods and highest quality for their products. Only at the delivery and the unpacking of ordered furniture first signs of cheap and low-quality goods are visible – principle: the furniture price is very cheap and much cheaper than the competition, then is to maintain caution. Often are these pieces of furniture without end and quality control sent out, so that in addition to inferior quality are also manufacturing error on the order of the day. The exchange of the product, these once unpacked and accepted, is difficult to enforce many Internet providers, a close look in the general terms and conditions and in the fine print, save time, money and nerves. Steel form with 25 years of experience. In steel form, looking back on 25 years of experience in the production and delivery of high-quality Bauhaus furniture and modern classics. In addition to the free delivery of ordered furniture steel form, customers will receive the opportunity to return the preserved piece of furniture to convince or material defects. Steel form replace the piece of furniture free of charge or replaced the purchase price.

More Efficient Packaging

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

From two make one: Schaumbeschichtete bubble wrap Pliening. Surface protection and cushioning in a? Ratioform offers a newly developed bubble wrap with an additional foam coating for the packing of objects with sensitive surfaces. The innovative two-in-one product replaces traditional bubble and foam sheets and reduced process costs. The three-layered Schaumbeschichtete bubble wrap is slip-resistant and protects against scratches and impact damage for example painted parts, precious metals, ceramics or glassware. The foam coating is even finer than a repelling and the cushioning is better than at a traditional bubble wrap. The new film in different sizes and thicknesses available. The idea for the new product resulting from a packaging consultancy, conducted at a leading manufacturer of signage ratio form. The company wanted to improve the efficiency of the packaging of sensitive illuminated lettering, pylons and letters corpuses.

With the packaging solution by ratio form 50 per cent work saves time today at packing and it must only a product purchased and stocked. The Schaumbeschichtete bubble wrap is one of hundreds of products in the now published autumn catalogue 2010 by ratio form. Ratioform is number one in the mail order business for packaging in Germany for over 30 years and has more than 4,500 products for industrial customers in the offer. Ratioform’s Web shop was awarded for the second time as online shop of the year 2009 for business customers. A printable photo for download in the press service at: contact: Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH Schlosser 1 85652 Pliening Tel. 089/99146-0 press contact: SCHOTT relations Hamburg GmbH Holger Werner Wrangelstr. 111 20253 Hamburg Tel. 040 / 413270-33

Outlook Project

Monday, May 12th, 2014

The evaluation of project results for the first quarter 2010 compared to the last year confirmed the expectations of German economic experts: while in the crisis year 2009 the gross domestic product (GDP) by 5.0 percentage points, the latest economic survey of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) at more than 2000 German companies, that 47 percent of them expect a higher production than in the previous year 2010 results. “This positive Outlook meet, to the BITKOM according, to the ICT sector, which suffered less from the economic crisis while, nevertheless, would benefit from the upswing in the overall economy in the coming year: the demand for IT professionals is very high despite the tense economic situation”, BITKOM President Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer said at the presentation of the study in November 2009, because “The global economic crisis affects less than many other industries the ICT sector.” This positive mood continued in the first quarter of this year. Almost every second ICT companies expected after the BITKOM industry index a Sales for the first quarter of 2010. Employment in the ICT sector will remain largely stable according to the Federal Association BITKOM in this year, because: “The investment backlog in IT solutions for companies gradually dissolves”, so Scheer. Also looming, that Green Energy technologies and the public increasingly on investments put on especially the energy industry with the transition, which will further strengthen the IT market. After the position of freelance workers in the last year showed significantly more tense, as were many projects on the test bench and investments would be exposed as Hartmut Luerssen, partner of the Lunendonk GmbH, the situation of freelancers described at the end of last year on the occasion of a study, now benefit also the IT freelancers from the stabilization and the upward trend of the German economy and the ICT industry.

The simplest project market on the Web is about project work project work. With eleven years expertise networked project work freelancers and companies about the platform the fast and exact cast of projects. Under, she provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as to commercialize the own service all participants of the flexible labour market. On the new platforms,, is this using the newly developed matching technology enables. Over 1,000 projects and profiles will be published monthly. Contact Simone amores small Seilerstrasse 1 20359 Hamburg phone: 040 / 432130-53 fax: 040 / 432130-10

Executive Board

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

OTTO Group with pleasing profit online shopping proves at the OTTO group as extremely important revenue. Also, the latest figures showed this in the annual report 2008/2009 E-commerce is clearly the driving force and the Otto Group was able to increase the online demand of their customers by 12.5 percent to 5.5 billion euros. Demand for realized exclusively through the online stores grew by nearly 25 percent. Thus, OTTO has consolidated worldwide position as the second-largest online retailer and OTTO Austria and OTTO Germany is among online providers in the B2C area like number 1. nistrator. Harald goods Saha, spokesman of the Executive Board of UNITO shipping & Services GmbH to success: we are very pleased with our sales performance in the fiscal year 2008/09, the achieved turnover has exceeded even our expectations. The operating result (EBT before special items) has more than quadrupled in the past year.”the very positive result confirms our strategy. Thanks to the timely implemented reorientation our business model in the booming E-Commerce and our No.

1 position in the Austrian online trading, is with us from crisis”no trace, like supplements. Harald goods ski. OTTO clearly is committed to the further strengthening of the E-commerce area and not surround himself with a compliant website content. With partner companies, commerce such as the webconomy internet GmbH for the search engine optimization, is fully on an increase in online shopping worked out. Meanwhile obtained significantly more than 50% of sales on the Internet and for the calendar year 2009, a share of E-commerce is expected for the brand of OTTO in Austria by over 65%. The OTTO online shop already awarded last year in Austria as best online shop, contributes considerably to the good success.

The slogan OTTO I like”has achieved this double meaning. Customers will find OTTO as companies and on the Internet. OTTO’s online shop Austria is also one among the most visited Internet sites of the country. Over 40% of customers by OTTO Austria click every week on. In total about 1.9 million Austrians, and Austrians are customers of the two brands of OTTO and universal (UNITO shipping & Services GmbH, a subsidiary of the Otto Group). More than 700,000 customers are regular online shoppers.