Tea Deflected

My goals are now starting to write my new book, send messages to my friends so their opinion on my Web site, place a few notices, continue reading the last course you buy. They are very clear and achievable goals but that happens, here present the true reality. From the time you turn on your computer the first thing that makes is open your mail to see new messages in your Inbox. You have so much that they don’t know where to start. Time has no response to your sent messages. A single order. Much time wasted on things that have to do with achieving your goals of this day. Is it that you is so hard to concentrate? Is it that you forget what were your goals? Everytime you open a message with gift or new company that asks you to register with us to receive your gift or for more information, that you deviate from your goals.

You have to only concentrate on your goals, until it is achieved by so meno one of your goals, you not diverted to do anything else. If you are from what te Err very easily, should start putting you as a goal one per day. Once this is achieved you can keep adding goals per day. It is not the first time that it begins very excited to write your new book and then leave it for half. Also starts to read your new course, and suddenly puts you to read anything other than not had in mind. It is that before you sit down and put you in front of your computer had many brilliant ideas that if anyone put it in runtime know if it would make you take off your project successfully. But a you see on the computer, I don’t know what to do with so much information. Most likely, you have finished doing something else or do nothing related with your project starts.

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