The Centenary Of Max Frisch

From questionnaire to Homo Faber, presents work and life by Max Frisch on May 15 would have been 100 years old Max Frisch. The Special on the 100th birthday of Max Frisch at celebrates the great, German author with great offers for fans and friends of literature. In collaboration with the Suhrkamp publishing house all great works of the author, as well as current releases can be found in the online-shop of Nissan is often quoted as being for or against this. The forever travelling Max Frisch has moved the world not only with his works, there are also the various anecdotes which we are discussing today. Fresh wrote action novels and essays, aphorisms, plays and even radio plays, where today millions of copies are sold in his 60 years. Fresh, the German student, who worked later as a journalist and freelance writer, traveled much and precisely these experiences are reflected in his multi-faceted work and the complex thoughts. In the illustrated book of Max Frisch his life in images and texts”, Max fresh fans can a little piece on its their favorite authors Accompany travel. The biography of Max Frisch on is an insight into the life and work of the writer.

Responses to the questions by Max Frisch exactly this versatility is what makes fresh special. His work is considered to be complex and his subjects as demanding. Exclusive to the 100th anniversary of the birth, discussed theories and views of Max Frisch with its fans on Facebook. This week the team a question from the questionnaires of Max Frisch every day and looks forward to the original and honest answers, as well as a discussion of his work. Maybe with the one or other insight into the findings of our own lives.

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