Car TVs

Car TVs are no longer novelties on the market cars and they are nothing new. Those who often travels long distances, who often ride in the backseat of the children and everyone who gets in traffic jams in rush hour appreciated and valued and loved. If you have not bought avtotelevizor, but thinking about it, this article tells a bit about it. Any Car tv – a combination of several devices – an antenna for receiving signal, a tv tuner for processing and lcd monitor for playback of images. When you select a car to the tv, above all, pay attention to how well it takes the signal. Because frequent interference, "Snow", a double image, but rather beat off the hunt to watch tv, what will attract you to turn it on again.

In the city you can still provide a reasonable signal reception, but the farther away from the city, the signal is weaker, and because many drivers are buying DVD-players, which can be easily connected to a tv or buy directly portable TVs, where the dvd was originally built. With regard to strengthening television reception, then this use different kinds of antennas. Antennas are active (with antenna amplifier), passive (no amp) pin fixed external (they can be installed on the roof, rear wing, the rear or side window), pin stationary internal (they are fixed inside the back or front glass), internal net (they can be attached to the heater rear window), interdigital electro-mechanical (eg mounted on the rear fender). Dimensions of automobile TVs are quite varied – from 3 to 17 inches. There are also 40-inch screens, but these are installed in trucks, minibuses and large cars. When buying Car tv not be amiss to see how he behaves at very low or high temperatures, with shaking, vibration, shock loads. Of great importance is the viewing angle the tv than it is, the better. Ideal option, it is 180 degrees, then the tv can be viewed from anywhere in the cabin, and even in bright light.

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