At the same time can be guided by simple arithmetic Unloading land by 1 person 7:00 4.5 cubic Planning, planting, seal, the first watering-1 person-2sotki-7 hours. Step Three: After the completion of the soil's turn direct seeding. Before sowing, make sure that no ants on the site as it is the worst enemy of all types of lawns. If the enemy is found necessary to destroy it immediately, otherwise you risk instead of lawn bare land surface with sparse grass clusters in the field of ant hills, as throwing in their territory seeds treated industrious insects as food, and therefore must be collected and Further distribution in its stores. So, we sow. Sow by hand, as do growers in the old pictures, because all these drum seeder, which inundated stores agricultural commodities are not suitable for the simple because the inoculum is often a mixture of seeds of different size and weight and therefore prone to centrifugation (separation into lighter and heavier fractions), by the way, the choice of seed material can be left (too be) at the discretion of the workers, since there is no difference between the singular thing is that it was a semi-shade the lawn and it is desirable to import. Seeding into the soil is made carefully so as not to disturb uniform distribution of seeds, with the help of the same rake.

Well that's all. or almost everything. completing the sowing must be sealed top layer of soil that is easy to reach with a small garden roller, or even more unpretentious way, putting on his legs wide flat bar and walking up to the entire land area slightly tapping that will achieve the desired result. The first watering is done immediately. Final stage, he also Four: We must demand a team of workers detailed instructions on how to further lawn care that must contain-Terms and irrigation practices. -Terms and Standards mowing. -Information about additional care.

Achievements Be sure to follow all of the above recommendations, as improper care can undermine all efforts at NO. Just that often the subject of conflict between the CUSTOMER and the CONTRACTOR. Well, that's all, if you courage and patience implementing unobtrusive control over the workers achieve all of these conditions, as well as if you remain determined to pursue on its own turf (performing all the subtleties of Machinery) maximum productivity … Well, pretty soon you'll be proudly with her arms akimbo, to host the affair between neighbors seeking to extort someone you owe such results. And you will be able to answer with a clear conscience-it-all myself.

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