International Monetary Fund Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, with 35,000 inhabitants, is a tax haven, a ‘sovereign state’ no tax law, which defends the extreme secrecy and lax regulations for establishing businesses and opaque financial companies over which it exercises no control. On behalf of the sacrosanct market and financial freedom. The tiny Liechtenstein has become a financial haven for terrorists of ETA, Al Qaeda and the like. Since tax havens also Gibraltar, Andorra, Switzerland and Monaco. All in old Europe, of course. Thanks to an instruction from the Court of Spain (Jurisdiction facing crimes of terrorism), we know that the terrorist organization ETA has bank accounts and investments in Liechtenstein.

Terrorists get money extorting Spanish businessmen. If anyone refuses to pay, he was assassinated. This complicated nature of financial intrigue Liechtenstein appears in reports the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and investigations National Court cited. An accomplice is one who, without being the author of offense, cooperates in their perpetration of acts or omissions not essential. The IMF reports that Liechtenstein is an area ripe for money laundering. ” It must be true when “90% of companies registered in Liechtenstein has no commercial activity.” That blackness is evident financial results of operations known Spanish police. In the so-called “Operation David” was discovered a marriage of the Medellin Colombian drug traffickers and Galician using Liechtenstein banks to finance the charter of vessels and transporting cocaine from Colombia to Spain.

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