This element is usually nominal denote things or actions, or unidentifiable persons: You make photocopies, presumably you were coming, bilingual secretaries are needed. If the subject is crucial and is a pronoun, it can be a prefix: Photocopies are made in special machines; the end, everything is known. Being a passive way, only occurs with transitive verbs and the verb will be singular or plural as singular or plural nominal element acting as subjects: In specialized shops sell sesame paste (Bonfiglioli Art Arg 1990) … In this kiosk political magazines are not sold (Puig Kiss Arg 1976). Reflects passive sentences have the same sense as the periphrastic passive sentences (constructed of being + participle): The meeting discussed all outstanding issues = At the meeting were discussed all outstanding issues.

But while the passive periphrastic naturally supports an add-agent (which corresponds to the subject of the action in the active construction), the passive reflects not usually carry, so it is normal that the apartments were sold in a short time, but apartments were sold in a short time for estate agents. The use of the passive agent complement reflects only occurs, sporadically, in legal-administrative: The actions were brought by the critical area and still has not responded (Abc Esp 01.29.1985), but even in these cases is more natural use of the passive periphrastic: The resources were presented by the critical sector "Applying the ideas of Dr. Wilson is true: In buildings of this kind, there is an indeterminacy of the subject, verb agreement is made expressly for the purpose, which is in turn the patient activity, here is how reference to a subject which only have the features of the third person singular or plural.

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