Increased short-time work and numerous layoffs have brought many families in financial difficulties. Thanks to this development, the gold buying industry experiencing a Renaissance! The financial crisis has far-reaching consequences for financial companies such as banks, funds or investment companies. Depending on progresses this crisis but, even more average Joe concerns you”. Many companies send your employees in short-time working, cancel contract workers or refuse to extend fixed-term employment relationships. The consequences of these actions are also missing unfortunately more and more often in addition to unemployment prospects and massive money problems.

As in every crisis, there are also companies that will benefit from this development. So-called gold buying companies these days offer your services. Almost on every corner and countless shops will be offered cash for gold and silver. However, great care must be taken in many of these deals. The majority of these companies offers a fair purchase price.

The business seems to run so well that even completely against company as souvenir shops, Shoemaker, source shops and even some small food markets your business with the purchase of gold, have expanded. Research has shown that these unspecialized companies earn very good money with the new won and especially unsuspecting customers. Usually is offered only a fraction of the real value and thus the customer completely over the table! Not often used in the ignorance or the acute financial difficulties. You should never sell gold to the next best purchaser of gold around the corner but basically perform the exact purchase price comparison. A reputable company will be happy to submit a written purchase offer and explain how the proposed purchase price was calculated. Financial difficulties should be the reason for the sale of jewelry or coins, a special price comparison is recommended. Test sales of a well-known Hamburg newspaper showed that the purchase price for up to 200 euro can vary even with a single strap. A very extreme example of this test has revealed that a small jewelry heritage with a realistic value of 2,500 euro partially only 900 euro was assessed. In principle, the exact selection of a reputable company so is recommended. Especially beware of the proposed transparency and ask for references in your friends or acquaintances.

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