Smartphones in World Market

Market sales of smartphones worldwide, despite the global crisis demonstrates once again the highest result in terms of sales for the third quarter of 2009. According to the results of calculations of IDC analysts in the third quarter of 2009 global terms, has sold 43.3 million of these devices, which is 4.2% over the same period last year. In addition, the highest sales of smartphones rests during the year. These devices are more broad functionality and multimedia features when compared to cell phones. Given the tendency of customers to expand their range of capabilities of mobile friends, in addition to the usual cellular experts predict rapid growth in sales of smartphones in the future. The company Nokia has retained its leading position as the world's largest supplier of smartphones. Substantially contributed to this flow in selling its latest smart phone N97, and the expansion of a portfolio (with the model E71 as a key), based on the employees of corporations.

The Finnish company also announced its first terminal based on Maemo, N900, which will apply to model range high-end. And while the global market place companies are not in doubt, the North American continent, it still has some problems. Research In Motion (RIM) is progressing, based on its model series BlackBerry. While much Sales of products account for "their" market in North America, the company continuously strengthens its positions in other markets. RIM announced last quarter, two new devaysa – BlackBerry Tour (network CDMA) and the BlackBerry Curve 8520 (Network GSM). Apple has become the record for most smartphones sold in one quarter.

In fact, the widespread availability of iPhone 3GS sparked a wave of purchases of new equipment for the supporters of Apple, while lowering iPhone 3G pricing was good for those who previously preferred cheaper devices. While the iPhone is not as popular in emerging markets, supply of these vehicles in China Unicom will significantly increase sales. High Tech Computer (HTC) ranks fourth in the third quarter. HTCpo remains the most world's largest manufacturer of devices that operate on the operating system Windows Mobile. But she released a number of devices based on the new operating system Windows 6.5. This model – HD2, Imagio, Tilt2, Pure and Touch2. Rapidly growing and delivery devices that operate at platform Android. These include – Dream, Hero, and Magic. Samsung Electronics, according to the results of the penultimate quarter of 2009, returned to the first five suppliers in the world of smartphones. Despite the fact that in numerical terms, it results in sales calculated for the whole year have not changed, the company's position was strengthened in Asia, Oceania, Latin America, as well as in EMEA, the researchers ascertain IDC.

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