Social Media

The attributes of social networks in the business world are indisputable, new brands added minute to minute at social networks with the target set to achieve a knowledge and viral expansion of the brand and, of course, a good online reputation. Is more than evident that such actions seek final goal increase the number of sales and meet economic objectives provided for in the business plan, raison d ‘ etre of any company or business online, in the same way as their similes in the analog world. If the rules have changed with the Internet is that today, the companies do not control what customers say and say about your brand, but if they have the tools to know they are telling them, the relations that they establish with their clients, target group and competition; the duration thereof and the image they have of the brand, all this thanks to social networks. Permanent and real-time feedback is one of the strengths of marks found in their interaction in social networks, so where before There was only the traditional marketing and our commitment to advertising models closed and difficult to change, impact assessment and quantification of results, today there is dynamism, countless utilities of online advertising and the proven efficiency of social media marketing, marketing that allows the identification of needs, interests and emotions, that translates in a purchase action or at least an intention or the creation of the need again thanks to the feedback-otherwise no doubt the strategy is not working. Thus, within the increasingly – broad spectrum of Social Media, Facebook and Twitter are consolidated as suitable platforms regarding the viability in commercial terms of a product and therefore, in the achievement of economic goals of any company, regardless of size or geographical location. Some guidelines to achieve a Facebook page and a Twitter account that consolidates the brand, that is efficient and that you achieving the main objectives of the brands on their strategies in social networks are: publication of quality content, not necessarily own but as part of the commitment to the model, content of relevance for fans of the page. Promotion, identification and interaction with the target audience permanent Expansion in the network, betting on the creation of innovative strategies and high potential of viral propagation. Promotion of information of relevance to the brand construction permanent search for new business opportunities, partnerships and contacts promotion of new products and services active listening to user feedback that will help the dynamism and optimization of the interaction marks with the marks of the competence development of the loyalty of users consider these actions when implementing their marketing strategies on Facebook and Twitter for your business..

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