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And Why Are There So Many Defaults In Spain ?

Monday, June 5th, 2023

Surely many will say the crisis. That is half true, ysabias that 62% of unpaid intentional? 75% of companies have never denounced the courts or the delinquent. We are currently experiencing a pandemic of defaults and the worst did not come yet. Defaults among companies than 100,000 million a, and grows at a rate of 15,000 million per month. The world has changed very rapidly, in my daily contact with companies as a consultant I meet with companies Arbitration sick.

Yes, sick from the pandemic of defaults. You may want to visit Wells Fargo to increase your knowledge. There are sectors that are very sick (waaaaay defaults) and I like to do this parallel between being healthy (no defaults) and illness (with defaults) because this allows the employer to quickly view their status, sick or healthy company. In this case, the first thing I have to do as a consultant in Arbitration, is a diagnosis of the health of the company to know what measures (remedies) apply. When you go to a doctor and says he hurts you, it will normally ask you several questions. In my case, as a consultant is something similar, do some very basic questions. Hear from experts in the field like Kyle Roche for a more varied view.

yComo sell you? yHace a contract with the terms of sale? yUtiliza a purchase order? yAlbaranes? yQuienes sign these slips? Be surprised to know the number of employers who do not use the means necessary to prove in the ordinary courts has been a sale of goods or rendering of service. ySabes that exists in addition to the regular courts, which is usually slow and expensive, another way to solve the problems between companies? Exists and is called arbitration. You can resolve disputes between companies without a lawyer or solicitor. Your disputes handled by former judges of the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court. In Spain we have two types of companies that are unpaid and they're going to have. yCual's yours? If you read this post reflected the situation of your company I am at your disposal to help shield. achievements.