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Blinds – A Good Solution

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

If you decide to decorate your apartment or house, you should first think about how you like your windows. Because the windows have attracted attention, and your guests will pay attention to them. Design of windows should absolutely fit the overall design of your home. Many people want to design their apartment was not only unique, but practical in application. The main function of curtains – is the protection from light, but the curtains are a still additional functionality – protection against noise. Blinds, or as they are called blinds – a classic interior style modern residential and office space, thanks to this, more and more people acquire and use blinds. Roller blinds are very practical in use and provide an opportunity to fully protect the room from the penetration of solar rays. In addition, blinds, perfectly decorated windows, and additional advantage of using blinds will be even that they have a different texture and variety of colors.

Roller blinds are relatively easy to install, in addition, blinds are equipped with various mechanisms of control. The canvas used in the manufacture of blinds, impregnated with a special anti-dust agent. Blinds do not fade in the sun and may have a different design. The principle of action roller blinds is simple enough. Canvas blinds easily rolled into a roll up and removed. The main advantage that blinds over conventional blinds – this is what blinds are seamless canvas on which may be caused by drawing Different texture fabric and a huge range of colors.

Stained Nitroemalyami Surface

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The use of nitrocellulose lacquer and nitroemaley allows high-speed finishing techniques as well as hardening of the films nitrosostavov occurs rather quickly, within 1-2 hours. The surface is better to by pnevmoraspyliteley (quick drying of the film makes applying the enamel with a brush). It should be borne in mind that produced modern industry nitroemali NC-132, SC-25 (respectively, paint coatings) have excellent physical and chemical properties, provided the printing of the prepared surface. Therefore, before painting should be carefully prepared to be painted. If this wall, you should wash well their detergent and allow to dry. Areas with chipped old paint should be cleaned with a scraper, and then align the stopper. When the putty thickens – rub a fine-grained sandpaper.

In preparation for the painting wood surfaces, first remove the dirt and irregularities of the old paint. Then washed the surface with detergent and then water. Cracks and holes are sealed filler, after drying, which surface is polished with sandpaper. Before painting the surface or apply a prime coating nitro primer GF-021. Nitro (the most common enamel NTs-132 and SC-25) usually available in a ready-to-eat form.

Since they dry very quickly, then they should be painted at a rapid pace along the grain twice with an interval of 40-50 min. It is best to apply nitroemali using special spray guns. Before painting the necessary check the paint on the sample: if the wood is painted, then as the sample used the same piece of wood, if the color is subject to the metal – a piece of metal. You should not mix paint with an electric light or the sun and merging together the remnants of various paints. If necessary nitroemali diluted with solvents 646 or 648.

The Painting Process

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

In the repair work painting usually takes a significant position. With today's huge selection of paints quite difficult to find suitable material. Therefore, before buying the materials, including paints, should be clearly for themselves to find out – what task should run coverage. Suitable for walls matte latex paint. True, high-gloss paint for the walls is more practical, but the gloss is not fashionable today. The kitchen wall paint better washable paint, since that is where they pollute the most intense. If the walls are finished with decorative plaster, you can use a colorless enamel CH-1169 (the so-called liquid plastic), or a suitable facade enamel.

This cover will keep the original type of finish and protect from moisture and mildew. When choosing colors it is best to focus on manufacturers of the most reputable companies. This proprietary paint never disappoint your expectations, of course, if all the recommendations for its use. Label with name of manufacturer, date of issue and period of storage should be printed on the very bank along with instructions on Russian language, which should be followed. When buying a guided not by the number of colors in the bank itself, but on how many square meters of the surface can paint its contents. Performing simple calculations using the calculator, you will once again make sure that the equivalent of one square meter of surface paint of the same level of quality even from different manufacturers will cost about the same.

The need to run to shop and select the desired shade you deliver a computer color matching ('coloring' of paint in any desired hue). Such services are offered today by almost every big store. However, as a rule, 'tintable' Paint with simplified features that are mainly used for decoration. If you have a problem of protection for the surface, such material can only be ordered right color. Almost everyone who once painted a room in his house, remained unhappy with the outcome of work and ensure that there are ways to accelerate and facilitate their work, and with the best result. And indeed, there are ways. Each craft their secrets, and the molar business – not the exception. Knowledge of the subtleties will not only save time and effort, but carry out the work properly and efficiently. Mastery of the painter begins with an understanding of what the paint and how it acts. Deposited coating creates a solid film that binds to and with a fresh smooth surface, and the old, rough. In addition, this film hides the surface and serves as its protection from weather changes, from airborne chemical elements and dust, and finally, it remains flexible enough to keep for years until the wall settles, vibrates and is subject to seasonal changes in temperature. Coverage that meets all of these requirements should be thick just a fraction of a millimeter – a little thicker than this book. It should be noted that none of the paint is not suitable for absolutely all surfaces and no paint will not help if you use the wrong Tools for surface preparation is not the tools for surface preparation or paint application. Accommodation (family rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, offices) is better than paint glue paints, which will preserve and maintain them in normal air and humidity conditions. Oil, enamel, latex and other paints can be painted the walls in the kitchen, bathroom, hall, pantry and other ancillary facilities. Except addition, before applying the paint to prime the surface. Primers differ in their basic properties.