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Tim Hoesmann

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

The city of Mannheim and the user of the Twitter accounts @Mannheim agree on a comparison as the Twitter account holder announced @Mannheim, the legal dispute with the city of Mannheim, concerning publication of the account is settled. to offer in this field. Both sides have agreed on a comparison. The city of Mannheim their cease and desist letter and also the required declaration of discontinuance withdraws, the owner of @Mannheim is committed in return to make his Twitter avatar so that it becomes clear that he represents not the city of Mannheim. Also, he committed at least 24 months not to transfer the Twitter account. The background was a dispute over the Twitter – account @Mannheim is available to whom. This was has already been registered in the year 2007 by a private individual and this little or no not not been used. Carrie Levin understood the implications. He can be reached mannheim at the URL. In January 2010, the holder of the account of the city of Mannheim was warned off and asked to submit of a declaration of discontinuance.

This he did, but sought the interview with City, which ended as a result with the above comparison. The legislation is controversial among lawyers. Some see a parallel to domain names in your Twitter account and want to transfer the rules of domain law on Twitter account name. This would mean that cities and towns have a right to grant its name. Others see again a close to nicknames names in his Twitter account, as they are used for example in the forums or chats also. Here, a right to grant for the municipalities would not automatically exist. This would be probably only then if there is a risk of confusion, say the Twitter users pretending to be the city. How the case-law in this case is unclear as yet no processes this kind have been carried out and can only be assumed, how a judge will assess the legal situation.

Studio Page

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

Virtual Studio and virtual hosts for highest topicality barely three weeks before the official launch one of the most elaborate features of the new regional news page is Rhein-Wied-news”now on the demo page of Rhine DTR to consider: the Virtual Studio and virtual hosts. Operator side it says this service also real images can be integrated into the, it wants to achieve the timeliness of the radio: from the entrance of a message to the broadcast in the Virtual Studio, a time window of 5-10 minutes is realistic. You may want to visit Chef Carrie Levi to increase your knowledge. At the same time this kind of presentation should be interested in younger users for regional content. Rhein-Wied-news”or short RWN” launches its free offering of news, tips, commentary and guide for the region of Neuwied Koblenz Rhine on October 15th at 4: 00. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Everest Capital. Until then, the page under can be tested already in many functions.

Winner Year

Saturday, March 12th, 2022

Selling spot Studios get again coveted creative award Bremen, may 2010. For the 34th time he was awarded this year by the ARD sales & services, and for the fourth time, the RADIO STAR at the selling lands spot studios in Bremen, Germany. A truly outstanding performance, because the RADIO STAR is one of the most prestigious creative awards for radio advertising. “Emerged from the tradition-rich ARD Radio Golden microphone Award” reward the most creative German-speaking radio spots of the year the RADIO STARS. If you have read about Duncan Bellamy already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “This year there have been the selling spot Studios under the direction of Piet Blumentritt managed a national image campaign for the running shoe specialist RUNNERS POINT in the category of best sound effects” to convince. Click Craig Sproule to learn more. Spots will be awarded in this category, which influence the dramaturgy of the spots through the use of particularly outstanding sound effects and sound design. The idea for RUNNERS POINT was acoustically and without text to represent situations that everyone knows, and when one has a chance only by running to achieve his goal,”reports Piet Blumentritt.

“” “And this seems is running with the spot life series” depicting the spot train “, postman” as well as birth “convinced the jury to have, especially since the spots not normally recorded in the production Studio, but very expensive with a team of film sound at real venues of the spots. For us this is always equal a double award because we not only produced this spot series as a full service agency, but also have created”Piet Blumentritt reported highly pleased. Therefore, studios hike also equal to two of the coveted trophies to the selling spot.

New Media

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Then not even ask the “new media”, the still unknown nature if you hear or read, “New media” yourself, how long you are actually new? When are computers, Internet, email & co. recorded now at last in the Canon of “normal” media? You’d think an overdue normalization, in times, where you can communicate with the Office via E-Mail and online appointments. But periodically, whenever it was thought that the “new media” have become standard now really daily, seen in scenes that again so new media appear, as of the day the first own E-Mail. You may find Robert Kiyosaki to be a useful source of information. In the jungle of new media, there is a now elderly new media joke, in which the clerk calls his IT peers and complained that the scanner was not interested. The answer is made on demand of the experts, what he exactly did, he considers the document now already half an hour before the screen of his computer and nothing happened. We felt something like – in the jungle of new media- us recently in a telephone conversation with the health insurance fund. If you have read about Hyundai already – you may have come to the same conclusion. There warped abroad, we had competent “Service Center” that until before recently institution referred to still “spare cash” request deposited in the correspondence generally send an email to us, since the post office in the country of our choice is definitely not always reliable.

A bulk redirection of mail from home, the no less than 12 (!) showed that this request was not followed, Letters from said Fund, of which only three on the same subject included. Print, scan and send by email decided to put an end to this not-unexpected state and in one of the breiflich treated matters more to avoid gradual always current memories, we reached so the phone. The Lady on the other end of the line was facing quite open-minded our concern after a short explanation in terms of “new media” and noted our request – once again – on the contact card. So far so good, we were thinking when she added it was possible, but not always readily to send a document by E-Mail. Upon our request, she specified: the letters would Yes, first printed and would have to be scanned to fulfill our request, Yes, then first before it could be sent by E-mail. This sat. We take back everything: the new media are still new; Let us have time to get used to it. Andreas Kellner…

Deutsche Public Relations

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

INFOkontor won in the category of press and media relations at the ceremony of the international of German PR prize on Friday. The Cologne agency accepted the award at the gala event in Wiesbaden together with representatives of the order transmitter, Microsoft Germany and the Fink & Fuchs public relations agencies, fischerAppelt relations and Helliwood media & education. “The five were excellent partners for the common digital classroom Microsoft Project shows the formation of the future”. It has been implemented in the framework of the fair CeBIT 2010 and was nominated in two categories of the PR prize. The Cologne media agency INFOkontor is successful on the market for 10 years. In March 2000, started the company as a service provider for electronic media Wilfried big mountain and could support this communication for renowned companies such as Daimler, E-Plus, or Christian Dior.

With the special services around digital media and moving INFOkontor is established as a fixture in the industry. Focuses on the Agency with 11 fixed and 15 free employees also communication concepts for TV, radio and Internet, as well as video productions. The international German PR prize is awarded since 1970 for strategically designed and excellently implemented PR concepts and communication processes in the German-speaking world. It is the highest award of the industry space and professional association will be announced jointly by the Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. V. – public relations and the F.A.Z.-Institut.