Towers Landscape

They walk in silence looking for the shade of trees to escape the intensity of sunlight. The march takes a steady pace accompanied by the hum of insects at that time are the only ones active. They arrive at the foot of one of the many mountains, hills and mountains that are part of the coastal mountain range …. which is the other retaining wall that is central to our country. Hurried up, nothing distracts from the effort they have no plan but there is a dark intuition about what to do, act as a single individual in their stomachs feeling a thrill then spreads his legs and racing of your heart gravitates with disproportionate force to the rapid rise. You are at the first break … Right here or higher? … Come up better.

Follow up to an undetermined point while feeling the warm breeze that appears when you reach a certain height …. This part of the climb make it without the rush before. They stand in silence because they have agreed on the choice of place, a moment admiring the landscape to its provision. There is far below the city, small, stand the towers of churches and some buildings that do not exceed five stories. After everything is equal, symmetrically distributed. Francisco takes the matches and passes to Michael …. It is looking at the landscape becoming a blind eye … Tato take them …. the dry grass begins to burn slowly, bring small pieces of wood and the fire grew so much ….

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